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  1. absolutely. Have a look at my gallery if you like. Massive difference of beofre and after.
  2. Hi Brinos i had ba/bl with Mark Lee in April. He's fabulous, worth some research on.
  3. Hi Perth, I agree with Als. I haven't massaged. I asked pre surgery and he said only if I tell you.
  4. My red is quite bright so I just use a light brown pencil for my eyebrows. Blends quite well.
  5. I agree. The carefix Anna. Super comfortable. I got mine through zodee also.
  6. Hi ladies, I'm now 6 weeks post op, BA/BL and am starting to look for an everyday comfortable bra. I have the lingerie sets all picked out, I'm really looking for a comfortable everyday underwire bra which feels like I'm not wearing a bra at all. Happy to pay for comfort. Any suggestions???
  7. Love it. I've been red for a while and contemplating going this shade. Just had copper highlights which I really like. Definitely going lighter red next time. I've got blue eyes and think red suits me the most. Good luck, let us all know if you decide to go ahead.
  8. ...and I thought I had dual plane, even my hospital notes say that, and I had under muscle according to Mark. scary thing is we'd never know.....
  9. How funny, I feel exactly the same, about the support. Can't wait to go shopping. Any excuse for me. Hubby is booking a weekend away without the kids so we can go bra shopping. Think he's a bit more excited than me. Which shop did you go for fitting. I've still got a yellow bruise above my left boob. Slowly starting to fade.
  10. I'm doing really well MrsAlwaysRight. 6weeks tomorrow and I go for my final check up at the end of the month. My boobs are starting to get softer now. I'm so pleased with the result. One of my scars is stinging a touch today. Did you stop using the tape a six weeks? I think that's what Alex told me. Must take some more photos. I think I'll go bra shopping this weekend. How's things with you??
  11. I got some maxis from boohoo.com really cheap for just a few wears before you get sick of them..,$40. I bought them before surgery and could notice a lot of cleavage, post surgery was massive. Depends on the look you want. Mine look massive now in the same dress. Just easy for warmish weather.
  12. Hey just saw this post. I was told 6 weeks. At my two week check up they said, that's what we tell you so you're not stupid. I'm now four weeks and can carry miss 12 odd kilos for short periods. I don't over do it and avoid the car seat if in public with a car close next door. I need the door fully extended with a lot of room. Hope this helps others.
  13. Hi there. I agree everyone is so different and you should probably talk to a ps before deciding and let them know that you may in the future have babies. Mine were perfect before breastfeeding my two bubs. They were still ok to me post one bub, bub post two bub, they were saggy. Happy for you to FR if you want to look at before with implants and after with implants and lift. Lots of $$$ later, I'd recommend getting bubs sorted first. It also depends on how you boobs sit now. Speak to a professional.
  14. Yay, you go girl. Wish I was at measurement size.
  15. Same. I went up 120 that was the max I could go and can't tell the difference. Although mine pre babies were awesome, so I'm so happy again, with a bit more. X
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