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    They close up over night. Not even kidding. I had to take one out about 6 months ago after about 2 years healed becaue of migration (long story) and all that was left by morning was a little dint either side where the bar entered.
    I've had it since repierced, and would again if I do have to take them out for surgery, but getting them redone through scar tissue is OW! (unless done while still numb post-op, that'd be a bonus!)
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    Thank you
    I'll get my butt to a GP asap, then!
    They're not particularly big (DD-E cup) but they are heavy and the droop feels like its pulling on my neck/shoulders whenever I take a bra off, and i feel it's effecting my posture (which is terrible, and my upper back/shoulders are in constant pain).
    It's my understanding that medicare will cover a reduction but not a BL? I am more than happy to get back to a C-D. But these are probably things to discuss with my surgeon anyway.
    I've been reading fairly extensively lately so I don't have any questions right now, but I will certainly take you up on your offer if I do have any down the line
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