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  1. Plenty of meat free sources high in protein- tofu, lentils/chickpeas, beans, vegetable protein based 'meats', oats, seeds, nuts, stacks of leafy greens. As always, smash the water! I've calorie/macro controlled in the past if I have specific goal to really lean down but life is too short to count numbers and becomes a mental challenge/draining not really worth it. Eat good, wholesome food and move!
  2. LOL good one Caterpillar I was wondering when you were going to chime in. I don't have an issue with what I said re your training and clean eating. It wasn't a malicious judgement it was my opinion based on my knowledge and observations of that specific training/eating lifestyle. You shared your story and photos on a public forum and I shared my opinion ✌️
  3. It's not an issue of dressing inappropriately in the workplace I get how to dress and I totally understand your view about sexual harassment but without going ito further detail, this issue has and will continue to exist on various levels irrespective of a BA. I've had people comment on how 'skinny' I am or the colour lipstick I wear etc comments that aren't necessarily harassment but unwanted judgement. I've also had a couple of pregnant girlfriends upset recently over people and their rude comments about their changing bodies. I'm sure the only thing I'm likely to do is perhaps raise a few eyebrows! Thanks for your responses theyve been reassuring and will be buying some new work clothes while I'm away!
  4. *Kris10*

    Criminal Record

    He will be fine. If he had criminal gang associations or was known to Australian police then MAYBE an issue but I'm sure he will be fine you could double check on the DFAT website if you want to be 100% certain.
  5. I'm having my BA next week and one of my main concerns is the unwanted attention I may receive at work if people recognise my new boobs. I work mostly work alongside men who for the most part are professional guys but there is a lot of ego and some feel like it's appropriate to comment on what I wear, hair etc which is not ok and I challenge them but I do have to find a balance between the banter and my own values without compromising work relationships (I think it's effin bs most of the time that women are put in this position but that's a whole other discussion!) Did anyone have any issues at work? Did people ask you straight out or were you subject of gossip? Any advice to deal and manage with this type of situation? I don't know what size I'll get but nothing too large for my smaller frame so it might be 'manageable' with some new work blouses and scarves plus the compression bra! Thanks in advance
  6. This isn't an argument and you're being unnecessarily defensive but let's all just take your word for it and not question anything because that's logical right? If you're prepared to share other people's stories then you need to be prepared for people to ask questions and clarify what you share as to be the truth. I don't agree or accept gossip outside the online environment and in my line of work I deal with facts from what I (emphasis on I) know to be true without question- hearsay is not. I'm not saying you're wrong about his 'true' complication rate but I'm not agreeing that it's true either.
  7. How do you now his 'true' complication rate caterpillar?
  8. I wouldn't fly Air Asia... 7 star rated airlines only for me!
  9. Mum05 cruelty isn't always visible hence the reason why people (tourists) are attracted to animal tourism. The elephant may be a worshipped as a spiritual symbol but that does NOT in any way detract from the very REAL cruelty and mistreatment associated with elephant riding/painting/circus performing, Tiger kingdom (wild animals do not belong behind bars and sedated!!!), monkeys in the street etc. Anyway, I can't wait to spend a day or two at the gibbon project! I love Thailand, I love the people but I'll always advocate for sustainable and cruelty free wildlife tourism.
  10. Hi Don, just wondering if you've heard of this product? http://sircuitskin.com/inc/sdetail/32521/43689 I saw this thread a couple of days ago and started looking into the mentioned products because I've heard good things about retinol. I'm really interested to see if it makes a difference with a couple of fine lines under my eyes that I think I've developed from wearing prescription glasses most of the time (so very little sun protection) and stress! Im trying to avoid chemicals and animals testing so the product I've linked seems to be suitable.
  11. I'm staying here in April http://www.phuket-cannacia.com
  12. Ps- hope you're enjoying your new boobies and healing well
  13. Good morning, I haven't has my surgery yet but plan on buying these two bras in a Medium? http://breastcarewa.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=153 http://www.zodee.com.au/p36365-carefix-anna-postoperative-zip-front-bra#.VP4VUYYXenN Both were recommended by ladies on the forum.
  14. Me! April 14th BA with Dr Rushapol at PIAC. All I can think about is boobs
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