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  1. Most is covered under private health. So cost is not a huge factor. It really bothered me initially but each day gets easier. I guess you learn to accept it over time. I just really struggle as they were absolutely perfect! But I agree I would ultimately like to replace both. Thanks so much for you input. It really helps!
  2. I need a little input ladies. I don't post on here much but this forum has been a huge part of my breast implant journey, so thank you all!! I have had silimed 350cc anatomical furry Brazilians for almost two years. They were absolutely perfect, I love them. Left implant has bottomed out by about 5-8mm. I can notice it, but to the outside world (in a bra) it would not look any different. Boyfriend says it looks more 'natural' lol. Saw the surgeon and my options are. I can either live with it and see if it gets worse. If it gets worse, have revision. Which is a no brainer. Or...I have revision now. Replace the left implant. Only catch is silimed isn't available so he will get another 'German furry' implant in close size to replace left breast. I am struggling with this decision and if any ladies out there have had a similar experience please let me know. Do I risk a different implant, another incision (I scar badly), etc? Or just hope I learn to love my unevenness 😆
  3. Thanks ladies!! So good to know I'm not being abnormal. And thanks for the helpful hints!!
  4. Hi ladies. I'm 5 days post op. The girls are looking amazing!! The only issue I'm having is really bad upper back pain. I know the implants being placed under the muscle caused it. Just want to hear some feedback on who experienced this, what helped with the pain and when it went away!! Thanks ladies!
  5. Surgery is done and dusted. I am over the moon with them!!! Dr Fleming is amazing!
  6. Tomorrow is the day ladies!! I've had butterflies all day...getting worse by the minute!
  7. BeeeMeee


    I suffer from them a lot. All the ladies above have excellent advice! I take ural at the first sign, max dose. It can help change the urine ph to prevent the bacteria from multiplying. Cranberry supplements and inner health plus make a urinary tract support supplement that I swear by. I have a lot of allergies to abs so I try to avoid them unless it's bad. Oh and lots of water!! Hope you feel better soon!
  8. Thanks so much ladies! I'm going to ring and speak to the nurses tomorrow. I am leaning towards bigger. Thanks so much for your support ladies! It's so good to have your input!
  9. I'm 167cm and 63kg. I work out a lot so lean up top but have always been bottom heavy. So I feel I can pull off bigger! It's funny such a small amour can cause so much worry! And alidh87 I agree...no one says they wish they went smaller! Thanks so much ladies! It's so hard!!
  10. Hi ladies! Need a bit of help. I'm having surgery 8 April. I have to pick between 310 and 350 cc. All measurements are the same, only difference is 5mm projection. 310 looks like big natural boobs. I'm worried the 350 is too big for my frame. But I keep thinking its only 5mm! Am I normal by agonising over such a small difference? Any help or advice would be amazing thank you!
  11. Hi! I read you're going 2cm over your breast width with your implants. Me too. Sent a FR, hope that's okay. Interested to see how you like going 2cm over. I'm actually nervous about it! Have you head of many others going over by that much?

  12. Mine was 10.5 and surgeon has gone 12.5. I got a string that length and looked at the dimensions. The width fits my chest nicely!! Maybe try that because it made me feel heaps better about it!
  13. I'm booked with fleming in April. I found him very thorough. He did measurements. He assessed my spine to account for uneven breast sizes...mind you I had not even noticed they were uneven :/ he explained my breast shape and why he recommended the size and shape. Can't fault him so far!
  14. I told my mum very early...I was terrified she would disapprove. I even started tearing up while I was telling her. She was very supportive, told me she understood why. It was a huge weight off my shoulders and having her support means the world!
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