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  1. Hi @Mumof3boys, It took me closer to 4 weeks to start to feel 'normal' and stand straight. Im 9 weeks PO now and slowly resuming normal exercise. How are you feeling?
  2. Great results ladies!! hope you're all feeling amazing! @Miss77 Currently 24 days PO, standing almost completely straight, boobies are settling nicely. heres a pick from about 18 days PO I'm straighter and slightly less swollen around my tummy scar so getting there.
  3. Hi Ladies, Just curious, how long it take you to stand upright after having a tummy tuck? Im 11 PO and still struggling I know everyone is different and it takes time, and I'm in no rush.... (kinda) Im just so exhausted and my back has gone, so I'm really interested to see how others have progressed. Thanks in advance xx
  4. Good luck for tomorrow @Mrs Freckles!!!
  5. Very exciting @Mumof3boys!! Bummer about hubby not being able to take time off! Isthere anyone else that can help you? One week PO today for me... starting to straighten up, I just say the hunching over is killing me! Constantly waking up with migraines because my back and neck is out when I am asleep? Im weaning off my pain meds,taking TARGIN slow release. Down to one a day. The morphine drip made me really nauseous and vomiting straight after a TT was hell! How are you guys feeling @Sylve @Chan7710 @Miss77
  6. Good luck @Miss77 I knew you were up soon! I get my last tube out in the next 2 days so will post an updated photo when my tape has been replaced. Today has been the best day so far recovery wise!
  7. Thanks so much ladies!! @BunnyHop @Mrs Freckles Day one at home, and I'm struggling without the convenience of the hospital bed that can lift me up and lay me down... took that for granted! I've now had to really start using my tummy muscles to sit up and lay down, so that's been challenging! Biggest problem at the moment is just missing my hubby and 3 kids... they are spending school hols at our beach house and I'm recouping with my parents. Pain is under control, I've managed to set alarms for when I need to take the antibiotics and pain meds, just easier as i am so forgetful, and it's better to stay on top of the pain, instead of waiting to be in pain and react. Are you nervous Mrs Freckles about the day procedure? Kids will have to be extra vigilant around you with cuddles etc... The best way to describe it, it feels like I'm on the second day after doing a workout, and I did 1000 chest presses... the arms and chest are going to hurt, but it's not unbearable. What type of implant are you going? And are you going over or under?
  8. 400 cc round textured under the muscle
  9. Hi @Mrs Freckles! It's been baby steps, but going well now... I'm currently 4 days post op! Surgery went very well, my surgeon was very happy with the results. Down to one drainage tube, breast are very swollen and a bit bruised. Also a bit cone shaped, but over time they will D&F into place Was on a morphine drip with a push button, I was going a little too hard on that (nurse told me to just keep it up) and I got a fair bit of nausea... so went off that and went on a different kind of slow release tablet. Day 4 and I'm starting to feel heaps better walking to and from the bathroom. Still hunched over and my back muscles are really over compensated. I highly recommend a heat pack for your back. Sleeping upright has been a challenge, and I feel like a aeroplane neck pillow would've been ideal. Post op wise, I recommend a nice robe, which I've been wearing as a snuggie pretty much. Also really loose waisted button up pyjamas. Mine were too tight and had to wear them on my hips. Going home today, so will likely head home with the drainage tube in. Other than that, i recommend a big drink bottle, because one tiny jug filled up every 4 hours isn't enough! And maybe no visitors in the first 2 days. You'll be so groggy and zonked out.
  10. oh @Mumof3boys I hear you!! I dread summer and wearing swimwear or a nice dress, nothing ever makes me feel good... 50 Sleeps will fly by, I booked mine in February and now I feel like its here all too quickly... Trying to be prepared! @Sylve @Chan7710 what were your "must haves" for recovery? I remember reading on this thread that you felt more agile and 'normal' around day 10? When could you drive again? Hubby is only taking 14 days off... so all of the school holidays, and then I'm on my own! Should be ok to do school runs 14 days post op right? I have just gone and bought heaps of new fluffy pillows, and some comfortable tracks and hoodies, so now all I can do is wait
  11. Hi Ladies! Thank you for the welcome 12 sleeps to go!! I am not even nervous just excited! Although I'm just a bit pissy at myself, I had lost 4 kg leading up, and because of birthdays/long weekend recently I have eaten pretty badly and am really bloated now... I need to learn some self control! I don't want to go through this to then just let myself go... does anyone else fear this? Wow, @Chan7710 your tummy looks amazing!! As does yours @Sylve! Oh it makes me so excited!! When I figure out how to upload photos I will show you my current situation! @Mumof3boys Im going with Dr Edmund Ek out of the Epworth. He is amazing! I haven't had a great experience with his PA, but thankfully he makes up for her moments. I am going Round textured under the muscle, cc's I have left up to him. He said maybe 375-400. I have faith he will do a good job. Cant wait to get rid of the apron and flapjack boobies!! A new me in 12 sleeps!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hi ladies! I hope its ok I jump in here... I have just read nearly all of your posts from the first thread... I am booked in for a Mastoplexy/BA and TT on the 1st of July (22 sleeps) and quietly packing myself because I couldn't quite find some "real" information on recovery and how I might feel PO. I am a mum of 3, youngest is 5 now, and have had three c-sections too. So reading that its going to be like a more painful version of that has given me courage, and now I feel more excited than nervous. My tummy is awful, my boobs are worse, I really think this will change my life! (If I'm brave enough I will share my dreaded before pic! @Sylve your tummy looks amazing, and the PS has done such a great job with your BA. Good luck to you both @Mumof3boys & @Miss77
  13. Thanks @BunnyHop Im actually so excited! 28 days to go!! Its costing me a fortune, but as much as everyone tells me that I should use the money elsewhere.. they don't have to live in my skin... So exciting @Jenny1002
  14. Hi Ladies!! Ive booked in for Saturday the 1st of July in Melbourne! BL/BA and TT in the one go! I haven't really got any idea on what size I am going to go, as I have left it up to my surgeon. But he has said he'll use round, textured silicone implants. possibly 400 cc's Im so excited I can't wait!!
  15. Hi @Mumof3boys, Ive just booked mine in for July 1st! Mastoplexy/BA and TT Good luck to you!!
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