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  1. Hi Tanja I am only 3 weeks post op as of tomorrow but they have already changed a lot from what they were. Mine were far apart and hard like torpedos after surgery it's just because you're so swollen. Trust me they will definitely change as time goes on. Over the next 2 weeks you will notice a lot of change as the swelling goes down. My surgeon said the first 6 weeks is when a lot of changes happen but that you can see change in them for up to a year. Don't panic too much just focus on recovering xx
  2. I'm 166cm and 64kg and I went 375cc but wish I went at least 425cc now and I'm only 2 weeks post op haha. Definitely go the bigger size I don't think your surgeon will recommend much under 400cc for your frame anyway
  3. I am 15 days post op at the moment. I already had quite a wide gap before surgery that the surgeon worked his boobie magic on and fixed. However in the post op appt he taught me how to massage and I only do top, bottom, outside and around I do not do out. This helps move them closer together and he said if they end up getting as close as I want them to stop doing the outside massage. You would be surprised they are already much closer together than even a week ago and I'd be happy if they stayed where they currently are lol. You can look at some pics on my Instagram if you like @myboobjournal Goodluck xx
  4. Hi Rhirhi, I just had my surgery with Dr Boonchai but I actually work with 3 girls who have been to Dr Veerawat and all of their boobs are amazing and they have nothing but good things to say about him one went 5 years ago and the other two only went last year.
  5. Oh and also I got high profile. And I had 3 recommendations, 2 of which said round and the 3rd said teardrop. Somnio actually told me that the third surgeon only does teardrop and I had heard this from a few girls I knew as well and that completely turned me off the surgeon because I figured tear drop definitely wouldn't get every single girl the best results for her that's the reason different options exist, they should be getting it because it's what gets the best result not because it's the only thing the surgeon does. I just think that's something to keep in mind when picking your surgeon
  6. Hi Stephy I got rounds only last week and they are already looking fairly natural I think. I haven't had kids but I definitely had boob sag :/ i was fuller in the bottom and had nothing in the top so teardrop would have just added to the sag/bottom fullness. Hope this helps
  7. Thanks everyone! I was having a terrible day yesterday as you can probably tell by my post. It's actually feeling less gross today so I'm not sure if it's just me getting used to it or if it's actually a little better but either way I'm happy. It definitely does feel less like muscle gripping implant really tight and now just feels normal tight if that makes sense hahaha. I understand it will take a while to settle. Thanks again
  8. Wow Dani25 I don't actually remember writing that comment :/ I was heavily medicated lol. But I just re read it and I did a pretty good job! I get my stitches out tomorrow morning I'm really excited I had my surgery last Wednesday so I will be 8 days post op tomorrow. Also I believe PIACs guarantee is only valid if you stay here for at least 9 days after surgery so I guess that's why they do it on the 8th day im in love with my new boobs just fyi haha and I love dr B
  9. ALSO - is there anything I can do to make it go away sooner? Sorry if I'm not making any sense I popped a sleeping pill half an hour ago and it's definitely starting to take effect...
  10. Hey everyone I'm 6 days post op today and I went under the muscle high profile. I seem to be healing well and recovering fine but my left breast feels so much harder to me than my right. It feels uncomfortably tight and like I can feel the muscle over the implant. I've been told this should subside but I just wanted to hear from any other under the muscle girls how long this lasted for you? I CANNOT STAND IT, it's such a GROSS feeling I would rather have no boobs than this feral muscle over implant feeling. I have also been able to get myself up from laying down for the past couple days but now I'm relying on my partner to lift me up again purely because when I get myself up I can feel the muscle move over the implant and it's so irritating for me lol :S Help!?
  11. Have you paid them anything at all yet?
  12. I had mine done with Dr Boonchai on Wednesday. I paid 115,000 and got round hp unders 375cc. The extra 30,000 in the quote is only if you get dual plane. I paid the 115,000 through my agency Somnio before I left and then I just made sure I had the extra money for dual plane in the bank incase I went that route. If I didn't go through an agency I would have just taken th cash and paid on the day as PIAC accepts Australian money and uses Bangkok bank exchange rates which are good. The only reason I paid through somnio is because the rate that day was really good so I wanted to lock it in and for peace of mind not having to carry the cash around it would have been safe though just using a money belt on the plane and then put it in the safe in your room as soon as you get there. Really not dangerous at all. Hope this helps
  13. Haha yeah that's probably true. I guess I just feel ugly atm because they are so swollen and just look stuck on.
  14. I had my surgery yesterday with Dr Boonchai. He is great, so lovely. He is very straight forward and to the point especially in the beginning getting your medical background and then informing you of absolutely everything you need to know before going further. Once you have done that he puts the Nanna bra on you and you try sizers etc and he had a few jokes with us. He is quite serious but fabulous at his job and has a sense of humour too. I think if he had have been too laid back and nonchalant I would have freaked out haha. I would definitely get an icepack. My resort mini bad has a freezer section in the top and I ice for 30 mins then rest and repeat. Also loose pants. Like really lose. I thought I bought lose pants but leaving the hospital and still now I am soo bloated everywhere arms legs fingers tummy etc so bring really loose pants or shorts. And a hoodie I'm living in mine atm. Feel free to add me or follow me on Instagram if you have any questions I'm no expert but it might help if you want to chat to someone currently going through it all. Instagram is myboobjournal Goodluck xxx
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