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  1. Sorry I mean by the gradual slope, especially with a wider bwd. From what I have read a smaller HP on a broad chest will not blend properly especially with an implant only 11cm wide. I've always seen a mod, mod plus or large cc HP is suggested on a tall patient. I'm hoping the gap is not overly obvious or have tennis balls attached to my chest.
  2. Yours look great but that's because you had moderate implants as opposed to high profile so yours look natural. I'm worried mine won't look natural at all as most high profile implants do give the more obvious/ fake look especially being more spaced out.
  3. Thank you for your honest advice. While I am realistic in the fact they will never sit naturally close I just don't want them to look unnatural and strange being a smaller and more narrow implant on a broad chest. I've tried searching for someone with similar stats and implant choice and nothing really comes close. All the information I've read goes against what I have been advised. Originally I thought medium/ medium plus profile seeing as though I am not petite. Hoping the 3D vectra will put my mind at ease though. Just frustrated I guess seeing as though Dr Birch said medium profile 350-450cc and TCI said 500cc hp and now a completely different response again. Just wish I had 2 similar suggestions to make me a little more confident in my decision.
  4. I went for my to get a 3rd opinion the other day after being told 2 very conflicting opinions from Dr Birch (ps) and TCI (cs). I have heard great things about Dr Phil Richardson and although he is slightly more expensive than I could afford I managed to finally get my husband on board to help me out financially. I went in for my first consult and explained I wanted to look proportional to the rest of my body considering I'm 176cm and have a broad chest with a bwd of approx 13.5cm. I wanted to try and close the gap as much as possible without projecting out too much and not go any bigger than a D/DD. Anyways I undressed and he said I have some breast tissue to work with but it is approx 9cm from the nipple to my crease as they naturally sit low. He said without a lift my only option is to go HP 330cc to project the nipple out as much as possible so that is doesn't droop. The low nipple doesn't really bother me. What concerned me is he said the implant would only be 11cm wide and I'm worried they won't fill my breasts properly and I will have a massive gap. I tried on the sizers and I was happy with them but asked that since I'm going under the muscle I would lose a bit so he said the largest I could go would be 360cc HP dual plane placement with a slight risk of double bubble. I still feel that may not be big enough and worried about a weirdly large gap. I really want to trust his judgement though. I guess I want my boobs to go back to looking like they did while I was breastfeeding.. Any other tall ladies that went with smaller hp implants? Thoughts? im finding it so hard to try and visualise how they will end up looking. I've included a photo of how they are at the moment and how they were while breastfeeding.
  5. Thanks everyone! I have experience working with specialists so I have a certain expectation of how I would like to be treated before I hand over my hard earned money to someone - especially when it seems like a chore to extend their hand to shake yours or excuse themselves in consult if they need to write a script for another patient waiting outside instead of ignoring me and my questions. Definitely won't be going back to that PS. In saying that I had another consult with a different surgeon telling me I would need at least 500cc HP or XHP and more than likely needing a lift as I have a slight deficiency where my nipples naturally sit lower on my breasts - the exact opposite of what the first Dr told me (possibly 300cc - 450cc mod plus with no lift). My BWD is 13.6cm. So going for a third opinion and hoping that it gives me a little more clarity on what size and profile I should lean towards ?
  6. I know 5 women who had their surgery with Dr Broadhurst 7 years back and are still happy with the way they look which is a good sign I guess. I am looking into seeing Dr Richard Thiele purely based on receiving references from 2 women I have randomly spoken to while out and about - their boobs were phenomenal and was hoping they were fake so I could get the name of their Drs. ??
  7. So I have had a very strange consult with a PS. I was wondering if anyone had booked in with a PS even though they didn't seem to have a great bedside manner? I just felt it was quite strange that I went in and I barely got a smile out of this guy - not very warm and seemed slightly disinterested. Not only that he didn't really help me narrow is down to a size that would suit my frame to match the photos of the look I wanted to achieve. He was quite broad in what I could use but almost too broad so I had no idea what would look good on me! I showed him a few photos and he said we could achieve the look I was after but when I asked him about placement and specifics and didn't get the answer I was looking for. I made some suggestions such as dual placement and round as opposed to tear drops and he just agreed with me but didn't specify what he thought would suit me. I'm 177cm and 70kg so I thought roughly around 400cc mod plus would take me to a nice D but when I tried on a few sizers I stopped at 350 ? As they looked relatively decent on me. I'm so confused as to what I should do. He seemed like a good Doctor and knew what he was doing - I just wonder if he was holding back all the important information until a second consult? Does bedside manner really matter??
  8. How long would you have to wait to go swimming again? Have a consult next month with Dr Birch and hoping to book in before he goes on Xmas holidays. I'll be going away for Xmas 2 weeks later though so not sure if I will be able to go swimming by then or even go walking to the beach?? I've heard lots of rest in the first few weeks.
  9. @Jennalee Thank you Yours look quite natural and I guess that's what I am after as well. I don't want to look like I have fake boobs. I'm just concerned about possibly bottoming out (I've heard it happens with some borderline cases) but I guess if you do everything right with aftercare then everything should be fine. i think I'm going to just go for the BA. I really don't think my nipples are pointing downwards so that's not an issue for me. I can deal with the fact they won't be ultra perky. That's not the look I'm after and I never really had much to work with anyways so anything bigger than what I have would be great. Thanks so much for all your input ladies!
  10. I wasn't told how long exactly but the fact I've been told I look like I need a lift has been dwelling on me a bit. I'm hoping a dual plane placement will help give more lower pole fullness and therefor the nipples won't sit as low. Checken yours look great already at 2 weeks! I would definitely be happy if mine looked like that!
  11. Hi ladies! I have 2 little ones (2 & 3 months old) and have finished having children so thought I would book in to upgrade the gals by the end of the year. One surgeon I have seen has told me I am borderline lift but could go ahead with just a BA and look at a lift later on down the track. Has anyone gone ahead with just the BA using dual plane technique and been very happy with the result? I personally don't like the sound of a lift nor the look of all the extra scarring. I want new boobs to feel confident again not just in my clothes but out of them as well and I think the scarring from the lift would make me self conscience in the buff! I feel as though my boobs aren't overly saggy, but they are deflated from the weight gain and loss from my pregnancies. So frustrating! Help!
  12. Hi Danni! Saw your photos and am even more inclined to go see Dr Lee! Would you be able to provide info on how many cc's and type of implants you went with? They look amazing!
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