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  1. I am looking at travelling to Sydney to see Dr Pincock for revision rhinoplasty. Good to hear these reviews. Has anyone had revision with him ? Has anyone read bad reviews on him ?
  2. Are you happy with your results from Dr Carlisle ? From your research who would u recommend me seeing for my revision ?
  3. I'm not going to go with Dr Mooney. He's quite arrogant and the consultation was rushed and he was bragging about how he does the most rhino's etc. so you would recommend dr Marcells or dr nettle ? I looked at dr nettles before n after pics and wasn't very impressed
  4. All costs included it would cost me $16,000 according to Dr Mooney. But I'm from brisbane so travels included would cost even more I thought he was a plastic and ENT surgeon. Can I get any compensation from the doctor who originally ruined my nose ?
  5. Hey so I had my first rhinoplasty by a female doctor on the Gold Coast and she totally ruined my nose. I wish I never had one. I'm based in brisbane and finding it very hard to find the best surgeon for the job. I had an appointment with dr mooney but he isn't the nicest guy and very expensive. Any recommendations ?
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