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  1. I have unders and I do everything I used to without much hassle. I use lighter weights when doing chest exercises now and it does feel a little odd at times but you get used to it. Push ups were hard initially but it wasn't long before I was back doing them on my toes. I didn't do anything til after the 6 week mark though and eased back into it...
  2. Don't stress. I haven't used anything like that and my scars are great. I kept them covered with micropore tape for 6 weeks and since then I've just used the odd bit of bio oil. I think the bio oil makes my skin pimply though so might try the vitamin E capsules. Unless you scar badly you'll probably not really need much in the way of scar treatments. Like all scars, it just takes time for them to fade.
  3. Each to their own... But I didn't quite like the sound of twilight. My BA was the only surgery I've ever had and I though the whole GA thing was great. I remember talking to the anaesthesist and then I remember waking up. I wasn't groggy at all and actually felt really refreshed and hungry! Haha. It's definitely put me at ease if I ever need an operation down the track.
  4. I find I get a few small little pimples around my boobs when I use bio oil... But it's nothing too crazy.
  5. Watch the panadeine forte! It made me sick as... Stick to panadol or mersyndol and you should be right... I never used the Valium and stopped the endone quickly coz I thought it was making me sick...
  6. I put on a few kgs and lost muscle tone. The extra kgs was due to eating some bad food and probably eating more while bored and recovering. The loss in muscle tone was due to no gym for 6wks post BA. I've found it hard to get back to my old self though - but I'm just finding it hard to get my gym mojo back
  7. I had similar feelings around that time post-op too. Things like that are all part of the healing process. You experience heaps of different pain/twinges/aches at different times. I was getting shooting pains just the other week and I'm nearly 4 months PO! I think that unless the pain or feeling is constant and accompanied with things not looking right, it's usually all good
  8. Totally agree Zaali... You're definitely not the only one feeling this way
  9. My friend and I both got our BA with Dr Richardson and we're very happy with the results. His work is great and he knows what he's doing. Another friend just got a breast lift with him and she's also happy. My scars are looking great - they're small and thin and fading. At your consult you'll be able to try diferent sizes. Depending on your size/shape and if you were getting unders or overs, 300cc would probably get you a C or D cup...
  10. I can't be of much help as I never had this problem... But I remember seeing heaps on the American Just Breast Implants site... And I think you do have to be careful cutting them yourself to avoid infection etc. Perhaps check that site out? It does sound like you're doing everything right though
  11. I was sick day 1 post-op.. And REALLY sick day 3 post-op. I couldn't keep anything down and it was terrible. It was the codeine in panadeine forte that made me sick. So just watch your meds. I took them more as a precaution and it would've been better if I'd just stuck to panadol.
  12. I didn't fly but my surgeon gave them to me and I had to wear them for 3 days post op to reduce risk of DVT. My PS also recommends stopping the pill for the same reason.
  13. Yep you can get a certificate and they make them discreet. I got mine for one month but my job is full on and physical.
  14. You've got the right attitude Mangos Basically I like to look at the fact that I recovered well and didn't have any nasty complications. Id hate to get a revision and then have something go wrong. I personally love the Berlei Barely There bra. Super comfy but does nothing for my boobs! Haha. I think we just need to get decent push up bras! Although I am struggling finding them in DD/E cup! But I'm sure there's some good ones out there. I never thought I'd need those bras again but oh well! Glad you're seeing more of the positives now. I've decided if I need a revision done the track for any reason or after kids, that's when I'll get bigger
  15. Hi mangos. I also wish I went a bit bigger.... You should talk to your PS. Generally, even with complications that require a revision, you're still liable for anaesthesist and hospital fees. In my case this cost was $2500! Plus the cost of the implants. Most surgeons wouldn't waive their fees just coz you want a different size. But I do think that if you're really unhappy and you're surgeon is kind, they may waive their personal fees. They do want you to be happy and you just don't know your luck if you don't ask. But I can guarantee there is no way you'd get the whole thing for free, it's just not done. I thought I was gonna need a revision coz I thought my boobs had bottomed out. Turns out they haven't but there's definitely not as much upper pole and size in the top half of my boobs. It seems all the size is in the lower and side part. I couldn't go through a revision and the extra cost for a revision though... But I know plenty of people do! Just weigh up all of your options and chat to your surgeon. Good luck
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