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    Dr Lee @ TCI 10 June 2015
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    172 cm 62 kg 12A

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  1. GBA

    June 2015

    Thanks for adding all the pics ladies - awesome results already ? I've just started an Insta account if anyone wants to follow - BA_DRLEE_TCI_JUNE2015
  2. GBA

    June 2015

    Good luck to all the ladies still waiting their turn and hope everyone else is recovering well I'm one week post op and have had a great recovery - haven't really needed pain killers but struggle with the elevated sleeping. For the interstate girls worried about the flight home, my trip was 4.5 hrs and it was fine - uncomfortable but def bearable. I couldn't pull my suitcase tho. I had pretty normal movement from the time of surgery though I'm avoiding lifting, raising my arms etc. The only thing I can't do properly is my hair lucky I'm off work still! Two things I couldn't do without
  3. I'm pre-op and haven't had my consult yet - why do we have to sleep upright? I know I'm really going to struggle with this
  4. GBA

    June 2015

    Hey ladies I'm booked in with Dr Lee at TCI on 10th June, consult day before. Not nervous yet - still seems too far away.
  5. Thanks for posting MissS I've been wanting to find out about this too
  6. My dates are June 9 and 10 - could've got dates in May but I couldn't do it then due to work etc. I booked a couple of weeks ago, so yeah 3-4 mths to see Dr Lee
  7. Yes to both! Excited but also doing the usual freak out and second guessing myself every two mins lol Bit worried that bewbs will make it more obvious too
  8. Hey ladies I'm doing the same - Dr Lee, consult and op back to back - haven't booked flights home yet. Just wondering what yr pain was like on the plane? I've got about 4.5 hr flight and was going to wait until day 4 to come home.
  9. Hey maytime boobies I've got a prominent sternum too - booked in with Dr Lee in June. I'm sending u a FR if that's ok
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