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  1. It sounds normal, I really wouldn't worry to much but no harm in giving them a quick call tomorrow. I had my ba in March an I was like a balloon around my tummy and hips/ thighs for around 2-3 then it gradually disappeared good luck with the healing process. Take it easy
  2. I have similar stats to you and was a AA post surgery. I went 290cc under the muscle and I'm now a d/DD an so happy and the look very natural
  3. I can't help with surgeon as mine cost $12900 but I went from a AA with 290cc under the muscle to a DD
  4. You just need to take it easy. Everybody recovers differently an I think it makes a difference if you go under the muscle as pose to over. I went under an struggles to drive for around 3 weeks but was doing most things aster a week just took a little longer an I enjoyed it rest, my main problem was back ache as I found never get comfy
  5. I went from a AA to a DD with tear drops an I think they look pretty natural well that was the look I was going for
  6. So it's been nearly 8 weeks since my op an finally the super sensitive nipples have calmed (been using paw paw) so u decided to try some of my old bikinis on an they didn't even cover my nipples, bikini shopping here I cone Sorry had to share my excitement
  7. How is everyone going with their new assets? Not many left now were nearly the end of April Can't believe its 7 weeks since I got mine an I couldn't be happier
  8. I have a √ľnder active thyroid an from what I was told they needed to know about it an if it's not stable you can have reactions to the anaesthetics I got asked lots of questions before my general anaesthetic, I no even when I had a tooth pulled they couldn't give me to much anasthetic as one of the side affect was it can cause heart palpitations
  9. I have them an I'm 5 weeks post op an im not sure if they've dropped or it's just the swelling gone down but my scars have now moved to the crease rather than being on the boob I'm so happy
  10. I have them an love them I'm currently 5 weeks Post op an couldn't be happier. They don't at all feel hard now they have started to settle.
  11. Madeline when did your surgeon say it will be ok to sleep in your side? I'm currently 5 weeks post op an am so tempted to sleep on my side, my surgeon hasn't said not to but I'm scared of not being able to get back up
  12. Anybody else have super sensitive nipples? I'm 4 weeks post op an oh my gosh these past 2 weeks especially a seat belt in the car touching them it's driving me bonkers but I'm still loving my new boobies
  13. I started at around 2 weeks postoperative an use dermatrix as recommended by my surgeon I'm sure if you asked yours he would give his recommendations
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