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    Dr Kwok - consultation is 11th may and surgery is 13th may
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    10A, 42kilos and 150cm tall
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  1. Hi ladies, I have my BA with Dr Kwok on Wednesday and my consultation is tomorrow. I have flown from Queensland to get them done and I was nervous about flying back as well. I rang TCI and asked that it's definitely safe and they said yes as long as I leave 48 hours later.. I have also spoken to a few ladies on here which have also flown interstate and they were perfectly fine which make me feel soo much better! I will be taking out CC just incase
  2. Hi, I'm getting a BA with Dr Kwok on Wednesday and my consultation is tomorrow. I'm very excited, but nervous as yet.. I'm currently a 8A and hoping to achieve a D cup.. I have flown from Queensland Have you had your consultation yet?
  3. Hi ladies, I have my surgery with Dr Kwok at TCI on Wednesday I have flown from Queensland especially for him! I have my consultation with him tomorrow afternoon, which I'm extremely excited about. I'm a 8a and hoping for a overall D cup.. I'm only a small frame, 42 kilos so I'm really hoping I will achieve a D cup. I love hearing that not many girls have much pain and that TCI are highly professional would love to hear everyone's experiences and their recovery
  4. Awesome, thanks so much :-) tci said I could but I am nervous about the plane ride back..
  5. Hi I'm flying from Queensland to Sydney to get a BA done in May. I am wondering if anyone has flown to get a BA and if the compression and flight made your boobs hurt? or everything was fine? I get my operation on a Wednesday and fly back to Queensland that Saturday.
  6. Lisa21

    Dr Kwok - TCI

    It's getting very close now!!! You must be soo excited!!
  7. That's great thank you I'm hoping for a D, I was worried because of my frame.. What size were you before mingle? Xx
  8. I weight 42 kilos, and 150cm tall.. So small build.. I'm an A cup and wanting to go a Full D.. I havent had my consultation yet and was thinking 420cc would that be enough for a D cup?
  9. Lisa21

    Dr Kwok - TCI

    That's getting close and exciting!! This forum has made me feel so much more comfortable with my decision. I have been following Dr Kwok since he started at TCI, and I can't fault him either. What size are you and want to go?
  10. Yeah haha! Small world!! I'm a sizeA and wanting to go a D.. I'll be getting round behind the muscle and extra high profile but I have my consultation a 2 days before surgery so won't know until then.. I have been following Dr Kwok for a long time now and very excited!! Oh how awesome, is it with Dr Broadhurst? When are you getting your BA done and what size are you now and want to go to?
  11. Yeah I'm extremely excited!!! Herveybaymummy I am also from Hervey bay! ☺ I have had it booked for nearly two months and its gone super fast already! Still trying to work out this forum to find photos haha
  12. Hi ladies, Love reading all your stories, do you mind if I join your conversations here. I have my consultation with Dr Kwok on the 11th of May and surgery is the 13th. I'm traveling from Queensland to Sydney. I'm so nervous and extremely excited!!! Can't stop looking at before and after pictures!!
  13. I have booked with Dr Kwok and my surgery is in May, getting nervous but looking forward to it!!! It makes me feel better reading these conversations about dr Kwok
  14. Lisa21

    Dr Kwok - TCI

    Hi, I am getting BA by Dr Kwok from TCI in May. I was wondering if there is anyone that could share their experience with him and if you have photos for me to view. Feeing nervous and want to ensure I have made the right decision. Thanks
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