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  1. I'm booked in at the end of the month. I actually called a lady name Anne that does 3D imaging and she spoke very highly of him. From what I read she's pretty trusted and has been around a while
  2. Hey, yes I was a little sceptical about it because it was his/her only post
  3. Has anyone got any experience with Dr Robert Thomas in Melbourne? looking to do rhinoplasty with him but can't find much information.
  4. Would love to hear any comments about Dr David Ross
  5. I'm looking to get my nose reshaped in Thailand but that cost is almost 10k and in pretty sure I've read people getting it done for the price in Melbourne!! Im looking at a few options. Does any have experience with any surgeons in Melbourne and know their rough estimate of prices? Any help will be greatly appreciate d
  6. Really?? 65000 baht for rhino at burmungrad?? Which doctor?
  7. Yes, that's exactly what I thought. Ill have a read of that thank you
  8. I'm looking to get rhinoplasty done, I have quite a large bulbous nose and am male. I'm looking to go Thailand and with dr Montien it will cost approx 10k AUD including flights and accomodation, which is pretty expensive considering its Thailand. Because I have a large bulbous nose in afraid that there will be a lot of excess skin that will make it look saggy. Is dr Montein the only good surgeon in Thailand? I can't find before and after pics and I also can't find a single bad review which worrie me. Does anyone have any experience with other surgeons and their approximatw cost? Appreciate any help I can get.
  9. Hi, how did you go with it and what surgeon did you use?
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