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  1. He said at the in person consultation they will fit he measured me up and everything I have so much room to go bigger. It does not even look like I have implants when I have a bra on. I'm really disappointed with the outcome but I know next boob I shall go to an actual good doctor
  2. I had my surgery on the 1st of April 2015 at Parramatta by Dr Dash. I was a b cup and wanted to go 615cc and dr Dash aggreded to go 615cc everything was good at the consultation. Come the day of surgery as dr dash said we can't do 615cc so he suggested 420cc which I was not happy with so we argued to get to 525cc which he refused to go any bigger. Out of frustration I just agreeded. A week after surgery for my follow up dr dash did not do my stitches properly they were hanging out and they were not done properly sever pain fro my stitches. I am now 6months post op my extra high profile impla
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