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  1. I want to get a BL at Phuket International Aesthetic Centre, and was wondering if anyone could please share and / or recommend surgeons at PIAC for this? I am planning on getting a BL without BA ...will probably get a BA eventually but my main desire is a BL at this stage. I would love to hear about your experiences, recovery and any advice you may have. Thank you xx
  2. Hi mum05, I am new to this forum - I've been reading a lot about PIAC and Dr Boonchai and see that apparently he's resigned, how are you contacting him and is he still performing surgeries elsewhere? Thank you x Sandy
  3. Hi Gissellle I've friend requested you, if I could see any photos that would be such a help x wondering how much Dr Layt charges? Thank you
  4. Hello, I am also in a similar position! I have friend requested some of you, it would be great for me to see your photos to help with my decision this forum is proving to be a wonderful resource and community. I was also wondering how much Dr Dona charges for a BL and / or a BA individually?
  5. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could recommend any of the cheaper breast lift surgeons in Australia, mainly Melbourne? I too am trying to decide on whether i need a lift, BA or both :/ I'm a newbie to this forum, how do I post this question as a new thread? Thank you xx
  6. Hello! I have also been looking into Dr ****... His low prices are tempting, and he has good reviews. The only issue is that I think I may need a mastopexy / breast lift...I'm wondering if anyone here has had a lift with Dr **** and if you could let me know how it went? My gut tells me that it could be a bad idea as he's not a Plastic Surgeon but rather a CS... thank you x PS Also kbac24 and Len82 I'm interested to know how your BAs go as well
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