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  1. It feels like it's been ages since I've managed to check in on here... I just read the last few pages trying to catch up It's been a bit distracting with life getting back into full swing. I'm 7.5 weeks now and going really well. I'm managing to jog around playing in the backyard without any funny feelings - I only notice something if I've squished one a bit by accident. Sounds like lots of you girls have gained some substantial size! So so happy for you all Hope you're feeling better soon and can get some answers ab1990 - keeping fingers crossed for you xo Lots of love & appreciation for you all - your openness and honesty has been a Godsend!
  2. Good luck with your sizing this weekend I often try the loosest clip first but hopefully you get someone great and they can get you fitted out properly when I went in, I just told the lady that I'd recently had surgery so wasn't sure what size I'd need as I'd been using the compression bra the surgeon gave me which didn't have a cup size... love to hear how you get on!
  3. Hope you're ok sweetie... Thinking of you Xo
  4. Mine were very sensitive too (& high beam all the time!) Thankfully settling down now (5 weeks).
  5. When I needed a good breastfeeding bra, I used to go to Myer and pick out an older lady to ask for help - I sort of figured they'd have a bit of experience with boobs! I'm no expert either but I have found that size can fluctuate between brands, style of bra etc so to get one that fits properly, I have to try it on. Ive seen some measurement charts on websites like bras n things or berlei which are a good guide but I still prefer to try a bra on. I've been told it's good if the back strap fits on the biggest clip so you can tighten it as it stretches over time, the outer edge of the cup should line up with the edge of your boob (this will vary between a 10,12,14 etc), your boob should fill the cup fully (no fabric bunching or boob popping out) and it should feel supportive. At 3 weeks postop, I went to Myer and ended up getting a Berlei sports bra (I don't wear it much yet though because it turns out the seams leave slight indents on my scars) - I was a 10D but then when I last wore it, I started popping out of the cup a bit (which to me means it might be too small). I'd say you're not a 10C - especially if a 12D felt like it fit. For me, it sounds like I'm going to need to be patient until 12 weeks to know what size for sure... Also, from what I've learnt, if a 12D fits in the cup but is too loose around the back, you'd need a 10DD (when you go down a back size, you go up a cup size) and vice versa, if it's too tight around the back, you'd be a 14C...
  6. So so happy for you Primed great news! And great advice too - compared to what we all started with only weeks ago, we have all come such a long way! I finally got around to taking some up to date pics and posted them last night - thought I'd let you girls know in case you wanted to have a look
  7. I think I've paid more attention to my boobs in the last month than I have in the rest of my life put together! I'm only just now starting to relax a little more about them - still checking them in the mirror a lot & keeping an eye on my scars. I remember at 2 weeks that that recovery stage felt like it was going to last SO long - there's such a difference between 2 and 4 weeks. Just think how far you've already come though! So glad work is a little easier for you now you're doing great!
  8. Good luck today sweetie - be careful not to overdo it and it will all continue getting better & easier everyday I'm 5 weeks tomorrow - feels like the time is passing so quick now! Recovery wise, I feel like the only time I notice anything is when my 4 year old sits on my lap & leans right on my boobs or I stretch up too high. They feel so much more normal now. My nipple sensitivity is still there but improving. I went to the beach with the family on Saturday and I look so different in a bikini now - feels great & a little awkward at the same time (I kept checking to make sure I wasn't popping out in the wrong places lol) another good thing to get used to Hope all you beautiful mummies had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday! And great to hear everyone's recoveries are continuing to improve xo
  9. My dressings started coming off when I was nearly 2 weeks postop & my surgeon was happy with that - if you're not sure though, you could always get some new ones from the chemist & replace them... How did your first day back at work go?
  10. I'm so sorry to hear that hon... Hopefully, in time, you'll be able to really enjoy the work you've had done on your arms. Sending you big hugs & lots of love xo
  11. Happy birthday to your little one for tomorrow hope you can have as restful a day as you can tomorrow so you can enjoy the day with her xo
  12. He didn't mention anything to me about massaging my scars - I'll have to start doing that by the sounds of it. He just said to me to start massaging the outsides at 2 weeks & start doing the insides at 4 weeks (he said not to massage the front or tops).
  13. I look forward to seeing your photos too must feel great to be home and I'm so happy for you that everything has been going so well! You're obviously doing enough of all the right things xo
  14. I have totally been going through this too! And my hubby responded the same way too. Don't stress - you'll get there it's really only been the last few days that I've got past it. I was a 10A-B preop & had 300cc implants over the muscle. When you next have a shower, have a look & visualise yourself in a bikini on the beach - I'm sure without all the heavy clothes on, you'll be able to see how great they really are!
  15. That's interesting that you're finding that too I've been told the same revised timelines for side sleeping & wearing a normal bra so at least that's consistent & reassuring that we're the same. Seeming it feels weird, I was just worried that maybe I was rushing into side sleeping (I couldn't bring myself to lay flat any earlier because I kept waking myself up trying to roll over). I guess the notes are based on a worst case scenario depending on how recovery is going... Maybe it's a good sign that we're both recovering well did you get told to start massaging the inside at 4 weeks?
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