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  1. Hi ladies, I had my ba 3 months ago with dr T and he is amazing! All the staff there are so helpful and don't bat an eyelid with any questions you have! I have had 2 bubba's and breastfed both and I went from a b pre bubs to a dd/e whilst breastfeeding to aaa post bubs. After my ba I am now a dd and love it! As Ihad near no breast tissue I have a bit of rippling but dr t has advised that this could fix itself or I may need a fat graph. Given he can find some fat (haha good and bad news) But he truely is amazing!
  2. I'm almost 3 months and just noticed this exact same thing a couple of days ago. My understanding is the less breast tissue you have the more likely you will get rippling. I was a minus a pre op and now a dd so I kind of expected it.
  3. Hey, I started as a aaa before hand ( I also breatfed 2 bubbas) I had 400cc about 10 weeks ago and I am now a 10dd. But like the other girls have said everyones results are different which is why you choose a surgeon you trust. Good luck! I hope you get the results you're after.
  4. I wanted to get in on this haha love it! Please ignore the laundry, I had 2 "helpers" so I gave up!
  5. Hi, I had jad 2 bubbas and breastfed both pre pregnancy I was a full b then breastfeeding went to a glorious DD then after bf i went to a aaa with very sad nips, so depressing. I had my ba 8 weeks ago and i LOVE them! I had 400cc behind the muscle with dr tavakoli and they are amazing haha. I found it a little dofficult just with lifting the kids but otherwise all good! I'm now a 10dd and getting bigger!
  6. oh how exciting! Good luck! Keep us up to date! Xx
  7. Hi kayrat93, I actually postponed my op. I got myself under control then had it in Dec. I did flare up but it is settling down now. Maybe just get it checked out it chat to your ps as mine was happy to go ahead but I wasnt.
  8. Thank you ladies! I love them more and more everyday! we went with 400cc. Great choice for me I think
  9. hey, my surgeon had me massaging the scars from 1 week po but i thought it might be the internal stitches or something. I've heard that that sensation is normal but just wanted to know if at this late stage. It didn't make any noise though haha that would freak me out! Yeah I feel the morning boob and that does go once I start moving but the scars seem to hurt a bit. Im sure its normal I'm just a massive worrier!
  10. Hi everyone! So I'm 3 almost 4 weeks po and I find my incision scars are still quite painful in the morning. I think its from the bra putting pressure on them has anyone else experienced this? Also last night my hubby was massaging the scars (I cant stomach doing it haha) and he said he felt a pop then my boobs started to feel kind of nervie and when I bent over to pick something up I had a strange nervie almost like bubbles sensation behind my nipple. Is this a normal thing at 3 almost 4 weeks? Thanks ladies! Xx
  11. I had my ba with Dr Tavakoli 3 weeks ago now and love them! They have changed so much and are already quite soft! Good luck with your recovery! Look forward to hearinghow they are in a couple of weeks!
  12. Thank you everyone! I love them! He went with 400cc he did try the 430cc but that was to big for my body, I trust Dr T to know what he is on about and they have turned out great! I highly recommend Dr T to anyone considering plastic surgery!
  13. And here I am 3 weeks later! Feeling pretty good, getting back to normal. Still struggling to pick up my kids but otherwise doing well and loving my boobs! Sorry the pics aren't great but you get the idea😁
  14. I am 1 week po and haven't worn a bra yet. I have a compression band on to push them down. I have an appt tomorrow with my ps and he will assess whether to put the bra on or continue with the band. It was a bit weird waking up and not having a bra on after surgery. But I'm so used to it now it doesn't feel heavy or anything but I can imagine the bra would feel amazing!
  15. Thank you! All in all it was great! But because I can't have the good drugs (made me feel sick) it's a bit more painful then expected but I am so glad it's done! They were all so lovely at the hospital and made me feel at ease. When it was time to go in Dr T drew on me then I went into theatre hoped up on the table they were all talking to me about silly stuff to keep my mind off it all. I had massager things on my legs and the warmest blanket put on me then the anesthesist put in the cannula and 2 secs later I said I feel a little funny and then woke up in recovery with a new set of boobs! Everything was blurry and I felt a little confused then they gave me endone which was not pleasant. And now I'm just recovering. But again so glad it's done!
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