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    BA, 325cc moderate plus, round, textured, subfacsial
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    Dr Rodney Cooter, October 2015
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    156cm, 59kg, muscular build, 10B

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  1. Hi Adelaide ladies do you have any recommendations for a doctor / nurse who does amazing lip fillers? Ive been seeing my doctor for quite a few years now, but she's quite cautious on how much she puts in (which is mostly a great thing). However I've looking for a little more volume and wonder if I should try someone new? thanks
  2. Great to hear things went well Nookie. I'm six weeks post op with DR Cooter and am really pleased with my results.
  3. Hi ladies i am three weeks post op tomorrow and have overs (subfacsial). I had no issue with the placement that was recommended by my surgeon despite all the pictures I'd seen of others being under. I saw two different surgeons for consultations both of whom recommended subfacsial. I trusted them because they're the professionals. Part of the reason they recommended subfacsial is that I do a lot of exercise. In this position my chest muscles won't clamp down or affect the implant (I do heavy duty training). Im very happy with my result, I'm perky and firm but still squishable (although personally I wish I went a tad bigger). You can't feel the implant at all. Everyone is different but I've considered my recovery breeze (I expected a lot worse). 😊
  4. I am three weeks post op with dr Rodney Cooter and I'm very happy with my results. My initial consultation for a BA was with another doctor who I had seen twice. I felt quite comfortable with this doctor and was tentatively booked in for surgery. Honestly, I wasn't 100% happy with all the patient photos he showed me, but I understood the end result of a patient is dependent on what they started with. So this didn't "break" my decision so to speak. I also found that when trying on Sixers (using my own bra), I didn't get a full picture on how the implant would look on my body. I had always planned to get a second option because having a BA is a big decision. And for me, I needed to ensure having this procedure would not affect my sporting commitments. So I saw dr Cooter Dr cooter was very thorough and probably more so measurement wise than the previous surgeon. He measured all parts of my breasts. I tried on a granny bra and top with implants. It was way easier for me to see the sizing this way. Dr cooter was friendly and I felt very comfortable with him. I threw many questions his way which he answered confidently and with ease. He seemed extremely knowledgable and the images he showed me were good. I booked a second consultation for a couple of weeks later. The only concern I had with add Cooter was that he used twilight. He said a high majority of his procedures are done under this sedation and he explained the ins and outs. What reassured me was that he gets in a specialist anaethetist whose sole role is to administer and monitor the anaesthetic. my surgery was day surgery. I was completely fine with the twilight and I cannot fault it. I can't remember even walking out to the car clearly - all a bit blurry - so clearly it worked! everyone's recoveries are different. My experience is that it's been a breeze. The day following surgery my ribs were sore (like a bruised feeling) and day three my incisions were sore. I found going from lying to sitting up and sitting up to standing slightly painful at the incision site for a couple of days. I put this down to everything (ie blood rushing down). I didn't have any pain killers apart from day three as a precaution. I was up waking around the house the day after, hanging washing about 8-9 days after. I did have subfacsial placement so this could have contributed to how well I recovered. my actual results in happy with. Of course there are bits I'm picky about, but I think that's because of what I started with. My incisions are small and neat and hidden well. if I had a choice to see him again or go to another surgeon, is go back to Cooter. long response but that's why I went with him.
  5. i was given a course of antibiotics, one tablet three times a day for about one week. I believe it was to help the body cope with the implant (because it's a new foreign object). Of course I could have just made that up because I was nervous when the nurse was talking to me and explaining it all haha.
  6. let's hope so. Either way they're better than what I had so I'm happy xx
  7. I'm 8 days post op today and just had my bandages removed. I'll be honest and say I've had no issues thus far. The day after surgery my ribs felt like they were bruised and day three my incisions stung. Other than that I've been pain free (taken no medication) and have been up and about. Even the day after surgery I was able to lift my arms to shoulder level. I have even wondered if I even had surgery haha. The sickness from the endone was the worst, took it once then never again! i was about a 10a/b prior to surgery and ended up having 325cc moderate plus rounds. Part of me wishes I went bigger but I was too scared. In the nude they look a great size, but in clothes there is no difference whatsoever which disappoints me. Move just been fitted for a compression bra which is a 34d. They look so small! Wahhhh! Oh well, better than I had. Just hope they don't get any smaller (doc said they're still swollen, boo). Hows everyone else going?
  8. @april6420 I ended up having 325cc. i am 164cm and 60kg. One of my measurements was 11.5 - not sure what that means though haha. Im thinking I could have gone bigger now because they look quite tiny in clothes! My mum said it's not noticeable that I've had augmentation when I'm clothes - there is a difference from what I had though. I think she was expecting big gahooters haha. Either way at the end of the day, I'm happy with what I have because it's more than I started with and think the extra weight of a larger size could have had more of an affect on my fitness (which I didn't want). Plus the doc may not have even gone for a 350 even if I asked, so I haven't stressed over it too much.
  9. Great to hear your consultation went well April! Now it gets exciting 😊
  10. hi blmason. Yes my incisions do hurt, they feel raw and tight and donating quite a bit. My left has been good however my right has been giving me some grief. It's the only pain I've really had and I believe it's quite normal. I find they get really sore if I've been lying down and then sit up or stand up. I assume everything flows south towards the incisions and this is why it's sore. I laughed really hard yesterday too and that hurt!!
  11. I'm three days post op and have been stacking a few pillows behind me with one pillow creating a "bridge" between the top pillow (u-shaped pillow) and the stack to help support my back. I also sit one under my legs to stop me from slipping down (it somewhat works). I find sleeping more upright helps me get up in the morning and reduces the pain where the incisions are. My surgeon didn't say anything about how I should sleep, it's just what I've been doing.
  12. I think the age old saying "no pain no gain" applies here. I've found my incisions to be worse today. They hurt when I breathe, athlough it's mainly the right can't really feel the left. Freaks me out it hurts more today, I wonder if I pulled something?! Guess I'd see lots of blood on the bandages if that was the case. good to know you too have been moving. My family has been quite surprised at my movement (as have I).
  13. @rosehiptea - I'm feeling you on the itchiness! My incisions are right, sore and itchy! I accidentally laughed a little too hard yesterday and now they've been sore ever since. My left is fine, but the right is driving me nuts. how are you going movement wise? I feel like I can move a little too much. The nurse said to move a bit and roll my shoulders so I don't get stiff. I'm scared I've been moving too much. I can get up and walk and everything. I figured I'd be completely bed ridden! I had subfacsial so it's not an invasive as under the muscle.
  14. My surgeon operates under GA (at a private hospital) and twilight (in his private practise). My surgeon recommended twilight, highlighting that 99% of his patients have this. I was extremely worried about twilight and now post op, I think it's great! He had a dedicated anaethetist in the theatre the entire time. Her sole role was to administer and monitor the anaesthetic - and she was brilliant. Just before I was sedated I explained my concerns but she reassured my I wouldn't wake up during surgery and wouldn't feel a thing. She was right! I had to trust the doctor and the anaethetist which is important. I dont think I'd have any time of anaesthetic - twilight or ga- unless there was a professional anaethetist doing just that. In my experience havin twilight was great, no issues whatsoever.
  15. Ladies, when do you find the squelching sounds disappear? It doesn't overly bother me, it's just quite weird! also, when did you find the incisions stopped stinging? Mine feel tight and quite raw and painful. I'm all bandaged up so I can't see what's going on. I'm trying to roll my shoulders as much as possible as I don't want to be too tight.
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