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    Undecided Have narrowed it down to 3 from a short-list of 10. Dr Montien, Dr Poomee, & Dr Piyapas

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  1. Any fool would realise that this is just trolls trying to cause trouble for a reputable company. I had the most amazing and unforgettable experience with GHT and all the other women that I met there also couldn't fault their service and professionalism. I could not have gone through 2 procedures without the care of their nurses in the recovery apartments. It's important to read good and bad reviews about a company but some of these stories are so ludicrous and far-fetched that it's funny!
  2. I would have to disagree that GHT were misleading you based on my experience. I first enquired with GHT in November 2011. I had evaluations done by their surgeons but wasn't quite ready to book because of work committments and was still undecided about which surgeon to choose. Since then I have literally received more than 10 emails informing me of the Bumrungrad Price increase even though I hadn't been in contact with them since January. I would receive at least one email per month. It was obviously just a mass mail-out but it got to the point where I had to call my Case Manager and tell her to stop sending me emails about it. I get it already. She apologised but said they had to do it to make sure that everyone was aware. She also explained that the problem was because the hospital kept postponing the increase every month because the prices hadn't been finalised with their finance department. She explained that GHT were fighting such a high increase and said that 40% was unreasonable which I agreed with her. GHT made announcements in those emails that if you booked with them before April 1st then you would qualify for the old package. I had a girlfriend who booked before April 1st and had her surgery yesterday. She was honoured the old price. In this case I would actually say you that you would of benefited staying with GHT Naja because then you would of have been honoured the old package price if you decided to go ahead with the surgery.
  3. Hi mousey77, I think you have misunderstood me. I wasn't questioning your choice of company or accusing you of saying that one company out performs the other. I was only questioning your comment "NOT just a booking agency and a person that may answer your call should you require help like GHT" My confusion from your comment purely comes from the fact they GHT promote a service more than just been a booking agency. The stories of support promised that wasn't given, I think is a completely different subject and I wasn't trying to argue with you about that. I've been scouring this forum for 12 months reading about other people's experience originally in Melbourne until I stumbled on the overseas forum accidentally one day and started considering having my surgery overseas. Earlier this year I read those stories that you are referring to about GHT and it certainly put me off using any company all together. (I'm still considering doing it myself because of them). I urged my cousin to cancel travelling with GHT because of what I read and because our friend who travelled in December when the hospital re-opened after the flooding said she didn't get the service that she was promised because there were so many people at that time and not enough staff. But because something came up at work, I couldn't travel with my cousin anymore. So she decided to take a risk after hearing that they were endeavoring to improve their service after the flooding and employ more staff, including registered nurses. Thankfully she ended up coming back saying she couldn't of done it without the lovely GHT staff in Bangkok taking care of her. You're right choosing a company with more positives reviews generally guarantees success. However if you want to compare the question is the number of clients serviced by each company. I believe BM is a very personalised service working with one surgeon in particular and staying in her apartments. I imagine the owner couldn't accommodate 50 per month in which Sharon the GHT Director claimed they send minimum every month. I would expect more negative reviews when dealing with such large numbers. Anyway, none of this is important. What's important is that you had a fantastic result and I agree with you. Choosing the right surgeon should be the most important decision. Not the company or hospital. Best of luck for the rest of your recovery and sorry if I upset you.
  4. No, and ENT surgeon would not be suitable. They are mostly concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the head and neck. An ENT surgeon performs surgical treatments of diseases in the ear, nose and throat. Whereas a Plastic Surgeon is dedicated to reconstruction/correction of facial and body defects due to birth disorders, trauma, burns, and disease and enhancement of physical appearance. I recommend going and getting a second opinion from a plastic surgeon who specialises in rhinoplasty because it's really difficult to fix a botched nose job. I've heard good things about ******. That's fantastic you are happy with the result. I can't wait to get mine done. I've been dreaming about this for years.
  5. Hi mousey77 I'm so happy for you that you had a great experience. I've read mostly great stories about Dr. Preeyaphas and BM. I also wanted to go through BM however my nose is really complicated (I'm a wog!) so I'm looking for a surgeon that specialises or has had extensive experience in this procedure. I believe BM only work with mostly Dr. Preeyaphas. " NOT just a booking agency and a person that may answer your call should you require help like GHT" I don't think this a fair comment unless you've actually travelled with both companies. I had a friend travel with them after the flooding and she wasn't too impressed but then my cousin travelled with them last month and she said the care was amazing. As far as I'm aware you can book patient care with GHT also so I'm not sure what you mean by GHT only been a booking agency. Again, I'm not trying to pick a fight. It's fantastic you had a great result and experience. We all hope for the same. I wish I could have doctor preeyaphas do my boobs and another surgeon do my rhinoplasty but I think this would be a conflict of interest. My rhinoplasty is no 1 on my priority list which is why unfortunately I need to make the decision to do this by myself or through a company that works with the surgeon I want. I just don't think inaccurate information should be written for people like myself who have not had our experience yet.
  6. Hi echoecho, I don't think it's with a bank. I'll have to ask GHT to confirm. My CM sent me the info below. The 28 Degrees MasterCard features: No annual fee. No fees for cash advances. No fees for overseas purchases. A 19.49% rate on purchases AND cash 4.99% p.a. interest for six months from account opening on balances transferred. Up to 55 days interest free. I asked my friend who has done a lot of travel and works in the finance industry for her advice. She said "28 degrees card is equivalent to NAB, except no monthly fees. When I travelled I used the 28 degrees and just loaded cash onto it - so effectively made it a debit card. I recommend you get this card for your trip". It won the Choice best Travel Card. http://www.28degreescard.com.au/ What I'd like to know is what is the exchange rate. If the exchange rate is low then I will consider taking over cash and exchanging it over there. GHT said Bumrungrad accepts $AUD and offers a very good exchange rate. They also said that someone from their patient care team would help me exchange it at a bank in the hospital. Apparently there is one on the ground floor? Has anybody every exchanged money at the bank in Bumrungrad or know where it is?
  7. Hi suzie1, I'm thinking about going through Global Health Travel to have rhinoplasty with doctor montien or doctor poomee or nond. Still deciding on the doctor hahaha. How was your experience with GHT when you were there? So far my case manager has been great answering all my questions but I'm still considering doing it myself. Not sure as I will be travelling alone. Ang
  8. Missbella what's the name of your ANZ visa debit card? In the past only 2 banks. NAB Gold VISA debit and Bankwest have offered no foreign exchange fees for Australians. I would check with your bank again or look online to be sure. 3% of 100,000 is 3,000baht which is about $100 bucks plus the crappy exchange rates that banks normally offer. Could mean you lose up to $200 that could be spent on shopping.
  9. Bankwests Breeze Platinum & Zero Platinum cards are good because they have no foreign exchange fees. I wonder what exchange rate these cards offer?
  10. I'm also looking at going towards the end of October through Global Health Travel or Bangkok Makeovers or possibly even doing it myself. Still in the early stages of my research so not quite sure yet.
  11. The hospitals don't charge a fee but your bank will. All the big Australian banks charge an international currency conversion fee or transaction fee for overseas transactions and sometimes even a percentage fee. The currency conversion fee is about 2-3% so add this amount to the cost of your surgery minimum. Global Health Travel told me the cheapest way to pay was cash and explained it as Miss Bonnie explained. Second best option is the 28 degrees card and third was to do a direct transfer into the hospitals account one month prior using ozforex. www.facebook.com/globalhealthtravel.com.au
  12. I'm not sure either. From what I found on the net he looks to be a young surgeon (in terms of plastic surgeon years) with no international training but then he could have learnt newer techniques as plastic surgery is always evolving. He's opposite polar to Doctor Preeyaphas who is over 70 years old but with training in America and lots of experience. What they both have in common is that they both work at Bumrungrad Hospital and Bangkok Hospital sometimes. It's so confusing. I wish I could help you more but I'm in the same boat as you. Choosing the right surgeon is the hardest part.
  13. I travelled with Jetstar to Malaysia once. Never again. No leg-room, blanket, pillow, movies unless you pay extra. Once you pay for all those little extras and then food on top it ends up been the same price as a fare with Thai Airways or another reputable airline that gives good service. If you were travelling for just a holiday then a budget airline would be fine because you want all the extra cash to spend sight-seeing and shopping but with surgery I wouldn't compromise on comfort.
  14. I agree. You would be better off choosing a reputable surgeon. Free surgery sounds risky to me just for a free video testimonial. From what I've read on this forum I think Bangkok Makeovers is run by an Aussie who lives in Thailand and I think Global Health Travel is an Australian company. Well, the person I have been speaking to is Australian. I contacted Destination Beauty also but they only corresponded with me via email. The English in the emails lead me to believe most of their staff are Thai but I'm not sure.
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