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  1. @MissP17 thanks! I have just accepted your FR I have a few more recent pictures on there so feel free to have a look! I'd definitely go the 350's not much difference at all with 30ccs so go as big as you can! I don't really feel like they have grown more just started to soften and take a nice shape I absolutely love them best decision I ever made!!
  2. Hi @Teresa2182 I actually ended up taking an additional week off as I just didn't feel 100% I could have easily returned to work at the 2 week mark and still managed but i didn't want to risk it I still felt a bit uncomfortable and knew I'd be using my arms a lot! All the best for your upcoming op!
  3. Hi @ash92 i got 350 overs on the 3rd of May, my recovery has been very straight forward didn't have much pain, was taking panadol and nurofen for about a week post op but didn't need endone... only thing i found difficult was sleeping upright/on my back I'm usually a side sleeper and i had a few issues with back pain but other than that i can't really complain! i have some photos in my gallery so feel free to FR me to have a look! goodluck!
  4. I had my BA with him three weeks ago he was amazing and I am very happy with my results!! What implant size/position are you looking at getting? I have some pictures in my gallery if you FR me you'll be able to see them!
  5. @Muffin87 thanks my surgeon was Howard Webster he works at ARC plastic surgery in Melbourne.. he was amazing I'm just over three weeks now I'll try upload some more photos soon!
  6. Hi ladies just thought i'd chime in as i had the exact same dilemma in terms of choosing placement.... i never thought i had enough breast tissue to be a candidate for subfascial so when this was suggested to me at my consult i was a little apprehensive however my surgeon assured me I had enough tissue (pinch test) to cover the implant. I am SOOOO happy i put my trust and faith in him, I ended up getting 350 mod plus round textured subfascial placement two weeks ago. Everything has been going well so far and I am seeing changes every single day, very happy! I've also just uploaded some pictures to my gallery so if you'd like to see my progress just friend request me!! Goodluck ladies.. I know how daunting and hard the decision making process can be but its all worth it in the end
  7. Thanks @MissJulie it's hard to believe what I used to have because I have become so used to my new boobies I have to keep looking at my befores to remind myself haha! You're looking amazing too.. You must be happy with everything!
  8. I've been a little MIA of late! Today marks two weeks post op for me feeling pretty good have started walking everyday which has been nice but am hanging to get back into the gym! Also I am finally starting to get feeling back in my boobs which is good as I was quite numb the first week! Some nasty bruises came out in the last week or so but are slowly getting better.. Do any of you other ladies post op have bruising? Hope everyone is doing well all the best for today @Hannabee92 and the ladies in the coming weeks!! here are some snaps of my progress at day 14
  9. @Valy thanks! I am very happy with my reeults so far! They are 350cc round implants.. I think round can look just as natural as anatomical, I've seen some amazing rounds on girls with small frames (there are plenty on this forum)! Goodluck with everything I'm sure you'll make the right decion
  10. No probs! Yep they were mentors!! @Cuddlybear
  11. Thanks girls.. I am very happy with my results so far they keep changing everyday but I'm loving it! @haaayley I drove after about 4 days but just small distances i think if you're feeling up to it you should be fine just take it easy see how you go! @Cuddlybear I was a 12b/ 165cms/58kgs pre op and my bwd was measured at 12.3cm (from memory) was tossing up between 330 or 350cc's but went with 350cc subfascial!
  12. Thanks @RenaeT! I was roughly a 12B to start with I posted some pics earlier on in this thread with some before pictures so feel free to have a look!
  13. @Bettyboobs good idea to meet with your surgeon that way you can go through it all before making the decision! I got 350mod + wasn't really given the option of hp my bwd was 12.3 so mod plus was best for me I think! Out of curiousity what is your bwd?? Here are some pics I am currently day 10 post op and am extremely happy!!
  14. Ladies you don't need make up.. I'm sure you are beautiful just the way you are and trust me the theatre staff aren't going to think twice about whether you have make up on or not! Also I couldn't move my arms much the first night so couldn't think of anything worse than going to sleep with a full face of make up..
  15. @MissJulie recovery hadn't been too bad! I'm day 8 now I've been out and about a lot but find when im walking around for a long period of time I get tired and achy other than that been pretty good still waking up a bit sore but haven't been on any pain killers I am meant to return to work next Wednesday but my job can be quite physically demanding and I'm on my feet all day so might end up taking a few extra days! Goodluck @Miss Rose loving the pre op snap!!
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