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  1. I also have these implants, 6 mths post op, and have no private health ? I'm worried I'll need to have them replaced but after forking out the $$ for the first op and don't know if I'll be able to afford it... ??? my PS stated that he wouldn't waiver his fees for new surgery if complications arose from surgery that were beyond his control (ie. This and CC).
  2. I homestly think they were the Kmart brand - or a "no name" brand if that makes sense?
  3. You are welcome! ? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Remember that they take time to soften and settle so I'm sure you'll start to see change soon. I'm wearing a cheap Kmart Crop when out of the house and nothing when at home. The crop is so soft and feels amazing, and it's long so the bottom edge is sitting below the incision line, my post op bras sit right under and irritate - I just wear them Plus a crop when exercising. I know what you mean about skin at bottom feeling loose, or even spongy/soft. My PS said that was my natural breast tissue, hence feels different. I'm hopeful my continue to drop further and the upper pole settles somewhat. But considering I have zero upper pole pre-op, I'm kinda enjoying it!
  4. For those interested here are some progress pics!! Wk 1 (top) vs. Wk 3 (bottom) - silimed polyethylene anatomicals. Getting there!! Wearing no bra to help them "settle", fill out lower pole and lift nipples. Starting to like them more, not perfect...yet! Physically doing well - feeling more myself, no real pain, back to lower body weights, abs on fit ball and walking on incline. May attempt light upper body weights in a few days. PS said no restrictions - just common sense, if it's painful, stop!
  5. I am 3 weeks post op with silimed anatomicals and although they don't technically "drop" they will settle with gravity (weight of implant causes things to head south a little). My PS used this implant to avoid a lift in my situation and as you can see from my wk1 vs wk3 pics below, they certainly have "dropped" already as the nipples are moving upward as lower pole fills out more. I was advised to wear no wear (or a light crop) to help the settling. I'm hopefu they continue to settle/drop some more - once that happens I'll start wearing a supportive bra.
  6. Louboobs

    June 2015

    Hi there!! I'm three weeks post op now and doing really well! Have been exercising the past week which has been nice. Just walks but on incline on the treadmill so feels decent enough. Also started weights for legs and abs using fit ball. I think by end of week I may start light upper body weights. My PS said no restrictions - just common sense, if it hurts, stop! My bloating is pretty much gone but am Feeling soft and squishy from not doing my usual 5-6 days a week gym workouts. Pretty much back back to normal for most day to day things but I can't lay flat on my back - just not comfy. Thank goodness for my pillow fort. My PS suggested no bra to help my anatomical silimed (like furrys) to help settle - he wants them to drop about 1cm to lift nipple up and I think we are getting there. I wear a crop when out of house or when it's not comfy to go braless. Below is today's pic (top) and bottom is Wk1 (top) vs Wk3. Hope everyone one is travelling well!!
  7. what do you mean in regards to the local Townsville PS? What name keeps getting brought up?
  8. I was given no restrictions at all In regards to sleeping, except for elevation. Was told to use common sense and if there was no discomfort it would be fine. I've been side sleeping on 3 pillows since day 1.
  9. Louboobs

    June 2015

    how is the bloating going Sagrst?
  10. Louboobs

    June 2015

    Yes!!!! 9 days post op here. I'm still Bloated! Tum was bigger than boobs at one stage! I have noticed it reducing though: peppermint tea was suggested by my nurse and I'm drinking lots of water and sugar free Gatorade, keeping active, starting walking early on, good diet and sleeping upright. Just a waiting game unfortunately!
  11. Louboobs

    June 2015

    Good luck!! Not that you'll need it as you'll have the most amazing boobs when you wake up - which will only getting better with time!
  12. I'm a Townsville girl and am 8 days post op. My situation was different to you but I was told by many CS's, including Dr Howard, TCI and Breast Institute that I was "borderline" in terms of needing a lift. Was also told by several PS's via email/photo correspondence that a straight BA would also work. This left me so confused! I then decided I needed a face to face consult and went to see local PS Dr. Mark Vucak. He was confident that I didn't need a lift, just a more strategic approach (ie. Anatomical, silimed, high profile) to get me the result I was after. I went ahead with Mark and am so happy I did. In the past 8 days I've had two appts with his nurse and saw him once and am very happy with process, start to finish. He charged me $9500 but had I got round smooth implants, it would have only been $7500. His initial consult was $180, but with GP referral I believe I may be eligible for a rebate. I also only waited several weeks for initial appt and then several weeks for surgery (could have had it a week after initial appt if I wanted!). Also had two more pre-op appts with his consultant to get sizing right. What I liked about Mark was he was honest and genuine and straight up says his advice but in a kind and humorous manner. Doctors can only tell so much from photos - a face to face really is a must. I've heard of someone flying down to Sydney for their surgery at TCI, only to be sent home, as they "weren't suitable candidate" (ie. Standard BA). If you want more info just message/FR me!
  13. I guess it comes with its pros and cons. Maybe have a think about how you would feel If you weren't able to breastfeed future children. If this thought isn't devastating to you, maybe there is your answer?
  14. I think It's rude to ask! If you wanted people to know, esp work colleagues, who I'm assuming aren't close friends, you would have told them! Once you said yes you had had them done, what was the following convo? Follow up qns? I think if/when I'm in that situation and they continued to ask me about it, I might just say it's personal and not Something I wanted to discuss at work...??
  15. Louboobs

    June 2015

    They look pretty darn amazing!! How was work?
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