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  1. They look amazing. I'm booked in for June 20th and I was upset about how much more it costs... but I know I want this and dr m is the BEST there is. I also got my Medicare item numbers approved so am getting money back!
  2. Hi Gals! Has anyone here applied for item number 45559 and gotten it approved? I would love to hear about girls who have applied for this, whether it was accepted or not - as I am interested in the grade of severity they accept for tuberous breasts. Thanks, Peach <3
  3. if you used to work out a lot you were also probably having withdrawals from that. I know I get really depressed if I can't make it to the gym... its such a different procedure that we have to go through with all the scoring etc, recovery will take longer but soon you will be feeling great and you will be able to fully enjoy your new boobies! I can't wait for mine. Flip from nervousness to excited so much. I got stuck in a fear thing last night googling forums until I felt better, but it's going to happen and be so worth it !
  4. Please add me or i requested on Instagram x
  5. how is it all going now? You back to normal life? How do they actually feel? Pretty tight? I'm getting nervous as I get closer to booking in a date haha. I hope you feel better soon Soph, apparently the boobie Blues is really normal - totally sucks though - I haven't had mine yet but knowing me I will be over analysing every step before and after.. I hope they end up exactly as you hoped.
  6. babe they look so goooooooood!!!!!! I can't wait to do mine!!! How much did it set you back with dr. M?
  7. that is awful. I got rejected by them too but from images... They really shouldn't have booked you for surgery until they saw you.. But if you look on the bright side at least they didn't just wing it and now you can go and get the best results possible! Xxx
  8. how exciting for you! Cannot wait to here all about it!!!! That's who I want to go with xx
  9. By the way soooo exciting! Cannot wait to hear how it all goes!! Don't be anxious it's gonna be awesome!! Painkillers are a hell of a drug lol xx
  10. Yes! @miloelder_ Or my food blog is @chubbymilo lol Yay Insta pals!! I want flapjacks too
  11. Have you gone in?? I haven't been on the forum in a few weeks!!! Eeep!
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