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  1. Has anyone had a scar revision for a hypertrophic scar? I have an awful scar on my right breast where I had repeated surgery due to a hematoma. I’ve tried cortisone injections and laser but a new surgeon has recommended a scar revision. Would love to hear from anyone who has had one - good or bad results. TIA
  2. Am 161cm and about 46kg and I got 304 under muscle. I used to be a AA but I'm now a 32D. I definitely wouldn't want any bigger on my frame.
  3. Hi Funsun, I have hypertrophic scarring from my BA, worse on one side where I had a repeat op. My CS scar is also hypertrophic but I didn't think to mention it to my surgeon, which was unfortunate in hindsight! I've been having laser, had cortisone injections and been using silicon strips for about 4 months now, but it hasn't really changed. Good luck, I hope you manage to avoid it, I really hate the look of my scar!
  4. I'm 10 months post BA and I still don't feel comfortable lying on my stomach, which is a pain as I'm a tummy sleeper. Also goes for having a massage. It doesn't hurt, but just doesn't feel comfortable. And like the PPs I don't do any heavy chest exercises. Probably won't ever again as I have unders and I don't want to mess around with that muscle.
  5. I think i was about 8 weeks post before I felt completely normal again. I had a fair bit of pain and also felt emotionally down for a good 2 -3 weeks post op. I think i was about 8 weeks post before I felt completely normal again. I had a fair bit of pain and also felt emotionally down for a good 2 -3 weeks post op.
  6. I'm looking for a good surgeon in Melbourne, preferably in inner eastern suburbs, to see for scarring issues following BA done in the US. Would love a recommendation before I blindly pick someone. TIA
  7. Thanks. I emailed my surgeon last night who came back and said similar. I now need to find a surgeon here in Melbourne to go and see.
  8. I'm 8 months post BA and have noticed that my scar on one side has become very raised, tough and red. It is prone to being quite itchy and can hurt at times (nothing too painful). My basic googling and searching on here makes me think hypertrophic or keloid (after each of my csections my scar did similar). I've emailed my surgeon as she is in the US and I've just moved back to Melbourne, so I don't have a doctor here. But in the meantime, I'm keen to hear what others on here think... I should also say that this scar was reopened to remove a hematoma. Also, apologies if it's showing upside do
  9. I had mine in May and have keloid scarring, particularly on the side I had the hematoma removed. Assuming it's because it was sliced open twice. Either way, I don't like it at all. It's really thick and occasionally hurts.
  10. I waited until after 6 weeks to go back to the gym. I saw a trainer and had a programme of weights/toning put together that avoided chest muscles. I then started that and treadmill. I tried running just after and found it hurt, sort of a burning pain. I also found I had the same pain when I did a cross over with a weight that was too high. Four months on, I can pretty much do most things, chest flys hurt a little but I can do push ups. Start slowly, you don't to rush back and risk anything.
  11. I had my BA done about three months ago here in the U.S. We are moving home to Melbourne at the end of the year and wanted to have a surgeon I could check in with every six months or so to make sure all is ok. Any recommendations?
  12. At two weeks I felt like the skin was stretching so so much, as well as the muscle across my sternum was burning. Definitely gets better.
  13. 6 weeks here. Hit Victoria Secret with pleasure! Haven't found them uncomfortable at all, though I still wear a sports bra to bed.
  14. Sorry I thought I'd posted but my message hasn't appeared. The surgeon said it looked fine and not to worry. Agreed it could be some minor risidual blood but nothing serious. how are you feeling now?
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