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    BA - 425cc Unders HP Round
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    Dr Mark Lee - 12th August 2015
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    160cm 55kg Pre Op B /

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  1. Between getting my hair done, dr appointments, kids schedules, working, other beauty appointments, I just feel like I don't have time!
  2. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has attempted an at home DIY laser hair removal system?
  3. Im 6 weeks Mudcrab, and no way would I be able to go for a swim! Feel like I'm way behind lots of others.... Not to mention still having 1 bigger than the other
  4. I'm with Donatella! I thought I was a sumo for the first 3-4 weeks. Just like boob greed, the bloat is REAL!
  5. Does anyone know how much asymetry pre BA requires different sized implants?
  6. I'm 160cm and 55kg and I got 425cc. I must admit that at first I freaked out massively and regretted getting them this size. But now they are starting to settle and drop they really aren't that big. In saying that tho, I wouldn't want them any bigger. So no chance 330 would be too big imo
  7. I'd love to know how long it took for you all to feel comfortable wearing a bra rather than crop post op. And for anyone with asymetry post op, was it less noticeable wearing a proper bra rather than a crop. Im only 5.5 weeks PO but I currently have asymetry, which is noticeable in clothes when wearing a crop. I'm quite self conscious of it because a couple of people have noticed. X
  8. becs

    Dr ****

    Thanks Mudcrab, i understand now, someone helped me out with the names
  9. becs

    Dr ****

    I'm so confused. I'm relatively new to PSF, and all this Dr **** crap is driving me nutso. Can someone please tell me why some dr get the stars and some dont? How does this work?
  10. I don't believe naming a surgeon is bagging him out. It's merely allowing others to be aware of his best practice should they choose to see him. That's allot of what this site is about, information is power. With regard to your asymetry, I can understand why you are upset, I would be too. I wish you the best of luck with your desired outcome x
  11. I had 425cc unders on 12/8 and I too felt mine where HUGE! But now I'm starting to get used to them and everyone Iv shown say they don't look big at all. I also find that under clothes they're fine, but naked i feel like they look massive.
  12. becs

    August 2015

    Pepper9 did you find you couldn't cough properly to get the phlegm up? Coughing is not fun at all
  13. becs

    Freaking out!!

    I can totally sympathize. I too had anxiety over the size. I went back for another consult and my surgeon was only too happy to explain things to me again and try on sizers again. He put my mind at ease and I left feeling very comfortable with my decision. Make sure you explain what's important to you. Give a design brief for his artwork haha
  14. becs

    August 2015

    So 2nd day for me today, and Iv started a cough It hurts allot! I really hope there won't be any effect on my assets.... Such a pain in the ass. I can't believe my luck this last week with all 3 of my kids being so sick, then my husband and now me! Gahhhhhhhh
  15. becs

    August 2015

    I basically fell like someone has kicked me in the chest, the sternum is pretty sore. The breast muscles fell like Iv got badly torn muscles. I wouldn't say it's excruciating but it is painful and uncomfortable. Especially when you can't sleep!
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