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  1. I thought I would share my surgery experience, even though I haven't felt particularly welcomed on this forum. I think that is because I am one liposuction patient in a sea of breast augmentations. I hope others in a similar situation find this review helpful. My journey initially started about 2 years ago when I decided that my weight was becoming a problem and I thought that lipo would be the answer. I had a consultation with Dr Chen at Ashbury in Brisbane as a friend had a breast augmentation by him a few years ago and raved about him and the clinic. At the initial consultation he advised that I would need liposuction to my stomach, love handles and inner and outer thighs to get the result I was after. This came in at more than $10k which was just too expensive. I knew I had to make a mental change before I looked at surgery so I knuckled down and lost about 15kg - problem was while I did lose weight from my belly there was still a pocket of fat that I just couldn't remove - so back to Dr Chen I went in March this year. He said he was impressed that I had lost weight on my own and we talked about what I would like to see. Honestly, I just wanted to have a flat stomach so we agreed to liposuction fat from my upper and lower abdominals and also my flanks. I felt very at ease with Dr Chen and I booked the surgery for June 24th. I was beyond excited about the surgery, but I did get nervous as the date approached, I was quite worried about the pain I would be in after the surgery and also any yucky side effects from the pain medication and antibiotics. On the morning of the surgery I showered at home with an antibacterial wash and then headed into the clinic at 7.30am. I seemed to be the only patient there on the day, which was kind of nice, the receptionist greeted me by name, as did the lovely nurse. I was pretty much taken straight into the consultation room where I had a good chat with the nurse and she took me through all the paperwork, let me know exactly what would be happening, the risks, the aftercare, everything - she was so thorough which was reassuring. Once we had finished she let me get changed into the gown and I took 2 valium to get me "into the right headspace for surgery" as she put it. I laid down for probably an hour on a bed under a really nice soft warm blanket. I didn't sleep, but shut my eyes and was just very relaxed. Dr Chen came in next and he marked me up for surgery and took some photos. He asked if I was ready and if I had any last questions for him which I didn't as the nurse had been so thorough earlier. We went into the room where the surgery would take place, I stood on a mat and they wiped me with the antibacterial solution over my whole mid section which was quite cold! I laid down on the table with my arms out and they put the needle into my wrist, and the heart rate monitor on. With the liposuction I was lucky enough to just have twilight sedation. I was semi with it during the surgery, I can vaguely remember the incisions for the tubes be made, and not too much after that. At one stage I did wake a bit because my shoulder was hurting from laying on my side. At no stage did I feel any pain or discomfort. The next thing I remember is the nurse sitting me up and helping me into my compression garment. Let me say it is not attractive at all - your post op bras are one thing, this suit takes it to another level, it goes from just under my boobs to my knees and it's crotchless! She took me into the recovery room and I sat down to have a few cups of tea and some cheese and bickies. My husband was in and out of meetings for a lot of the day so I had to wait in recovery for about 90 minutes for him - but they would have let me go about 30 minutes after surgery if he was there. You are advised to bring some old towels with you to pop on the car seat for the drive home to catch the fluid that leaks from the wounds in the first 72 hours. I really only had leakage for the first 24 hours, I think because I wasn't having a huge amount of fat removed. My best advise is to fold a small towel in half and safety pin it around the sections suctioned to catch any leakage once you are at home. I was given a few plastic sheets to bring home with me too which was great, I put one on the bed and one on the couch. Pain - I was so surprised with the pain, it was NOTHING like I expected in a GOOD way! I wanted to stay on top of the pain initially so I took 2 panadeine forte once I got home and then again for the next 3 nights, however during the day I wasn't having any pain relief. Yes, there was pain and discomfort, especially when getting up and down, but if I was just still it was fine. I wanted to get up and moving pretty much straight away so I went for a walk each day after surgery, the first day was pretty slow and sore, but I think it has helped get the swelling moving. I am now 9 days post op and am feeling great, pain is pretty much gone and I am itching to get back into running again, I think I will give that a go in another week. I am still wearing the compression garment, and will for about 4 weeks. For another week I also have a thin foam pad over my belly too, this is helping the skin flatten out as there was a small roll of loose skin above my belly button, to be expected when you are getting the fat sucked out! I have had the pad on there since my follow up appointment last Saturday, and it looks like it is pretty much flat, but I will keep it there for another week just to be sure. I haven't really had much bruising, but my abdomen has never really bruised. I'm not saying there's none, but it's pretty mild. The numbness is real, and very weird - it's important to massage the areas suctioned to prevent scar tissue and it's weird to do when those areas are numb. I'm used to it now, and I'm getting slightly more feeling back each day. So, am I happy?? YES, I am so happy with my results so far, I know there is still a bit of swelling in the areas but it's going down each day. I cannot wait to be in a bikini again in summer, and it's so nice not to have a roll of fat to hide everytime I sit down. I hope this novel is useful for anyone considering liposuction - I would recommend being very honest with yourself about weight you can lose on your own, and then using liposuction to just sculpt the last little bits that you may not be able to lose on your own.
  2. Honey Bunch

    June 2015

    Hi Liss - I had liposuction, no BA here I had the procedure yesterday to my abdomen and flanks with Dr Chen in Brisbane. Recovering well so far, looking pretty bruised when I took my garment off for a look and a shower. I was lucky to just have twilight sedation so I remember bits and pieces from the surgery, nothing traumatic though
  3. Honey Bunch

    June 2015

    I'm still waiting for a post op poo too, think I might have to try some prune juice tomorrow. Not looking forward to it at all! Im the opposite yo all you BA ladies, I'm most comfortable laying flat, sitting is a bit uncomfortable with the compression garment I have to wear. Cant wait for hubby to get home so he can help me out of the garment so I can have a shower - hopefully I can get the markings off
  4. Honey Bunch

    June 2015

    I know I was one of the last surgeries for the month - but who is left now?? And how are your nerves holding up??
  5. Honey Bunch

    June 2015

    For those who experienced nausea after their procedure - when did it start for you??
  6. Honey Bunch

    June 2015

    I'm out the other side and relaxing in recovery! Surgery went well and I had a sneak peek of my belly before my compression garment went on and it was nice and flat. That's not going to last too long though with the swelling kicking in. im just so sleepy now, wish hubby would hurry up and get here so I can go home, take my pain killers and sleep! bye bye fat!!!
  7. Honey Bunch

    June 2015

    Crissy they look amazing!! How are you feeling now? Wednesday is the day for me, I'm so excited, but the nerves are starting to get to me. Will need to stay very busy at work tomorrow to keep me distracted. How is everyone's recovery going? Is the bloating easing?
  8. Me too!! I only login on my iPad so it's very confusing, I think once we're used to it it'll much easier on a device
  9. Thanks for sharing your story - I hope you're as happy with your results as you have been with the experience! I'm seeing Dr Chen for lipo next week so I'm very reassured reading this about his staff, they sound lovely
  10. Honey Bunch

    June 2015

    I'm the 24th as well, so excited!!
  11. I'm having lipo on the 24th so I can update you on the pain then. I have taken 5 days off work but I have the option of taking more if I need to though, I'll just be doing desk work for 3 weeks.
  12. Oh wow, they are gorgeous!! I can't see any differences either?
  13. Where are you getting it done Honeybee089?? October is just around the corner
  14. Honey Bunch

    June 2015

    I've been watching lipo procedure videos today and looking at soooooo many before and afters - god I hope I get a great result. I'm thinking of starting an Instagram to show my journey - would any of you lovely ladies follow me??
  15. Honey Bunch

    June 2015

    They are gorgeous!!
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