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    Had an areola lift with a 600cc smooth round moderate plus mentor implant
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    13/10/12 - Bangkok Makeovers
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  1. I had an areola lift with implants 2 years ago in Bangkok, my scarring is very minimal, as all the stitches are internal. I had my tummy tuck here is Aus, only 2 months ago. my scar is healing nicely. However it is a trade off. Loose saggy skin ( this is what I had after 4 pregnancies ) for a hip to hip scar. Honestly having a flat, firm tummy is so good, even with a scar. If you add me as a friend you can see all my before and after pics for bot ph surgeries. Good luck on your journey.
  2. I had an areola lift with 600cc round smooth implants. Scarring was my worry too. But as all my stitches were internal there are no scars. Add me as a friend an you can see my pics.
  3. I had my breasts done in Thailand and was thrilled with the results and the whole experience. I had a Tummy Tuck her in Aus 6 weeks ago. The only reason I had it here and not in Thailand was the cost, it was so much cheaper here. Plus I didn't want to be away from my family for the two weeks recovering. Good luck on your journey. Xxx
  4. Good luck for tomorrow Julie!! New life - to be honest you don't actually do much or need much in hospital. Your to sore/tired to read etc. I watch a little bit of telly. I took my iPad too. I basically just wore the hospital gown, they can't really change until all the drips come out of your hands. I wore home just comfy elastic waist pants (they are everywhere in the shops at the moment. And a stretchy top. When I got picked up from the hospital to go home I asked hubby to bring me a pillow for the car trip. The seat belt is very uncomfortable. A plastic chair for the shower was a god send too. You can't stand up for long, so it was nice to sit and relax in the shower. Well I'm 5 weeks post op tomorrow almost feeling 100%
  5. Happy for you!! You need to start somewhere, and you need to work through it in your own time. Good luck for Feb xxx
  6. Hi New change, Loving the positive vibe you're putting out!! I feel like such a wuss, I have barely worn my compression garment, it's soooo tight! Is yours really, really tight??
  7. Hi Ladies, So wonderful to hear about all the latest that have joined the flat side. Soundly like things are progressing nicely. Captain, I hope you get your infection sorted soon x Well I'm 4 weeks tomorrow. Feeling better every day. My energy levels are improving too. I'll put up some photos I took on the weekend in the same bikini I took my Pre-op photos in. Oh and to you girls who had your boobs done too....so happy for you. It's the best feeling isn't it!! Xxxx
  8. 3 weeks post op photos up. I love how defined my waist it!! I didn't even realise I was missing a waist until I had my surgery!
  9. How often does everyone wear their compression garments for during the day/night and for how many weeks? You all know how I didn't wear my compression garment as it was too tight, so I was just wearing some of those tight tummy knickers. But now I can comfortably wear my compression garment. What does it actually do?? I'm not sure i need it, my scar is healing nicely and have hardly any swelling. I'm three weeks today! I took some photos today so I'll up them up shortly. Kazdears! Wow, what a recovery you've had!! Captain glad everything is falling into place for you! Xxx
  10. New change, just relax, most things are out of your control now. You'll be fine in 2 weeks. About 1 week post you'll start to feel normal Yes - wax TummyMumma, I'm 3 weeks tomorrow and I think I'd be up for it now, not that I need it just yet Julie Ann, not long to go now. I know what the waiting is like. So annoying, but makes you appreciate the results so much!! How is everyone sleeping post op?? I'm starting to sleep on my side a bit now, but can't do it for too long. Getting fed up with sleeping on my back!!
  11. I'm very happy for you Juile-Ann, your result will be life changing. I spoke to my surgeon and he said my weight loss wasn't dramatic enough to have qualified for the full surgery to be covered on Medicare. He said If I did qualify I would have gone on a waiting list, which is only 12 months. I know all surgeons are different - I just feel ripped off because its my surgeon.. Thanks for everyones responses. Xxx
  12. Hi everyone, Just wanting to have a bit of a rant. I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair 18 days ago and I'm thrilled with the result. It is something I have dreamed about getting done ever since my first baby was born 13 years ago. I had 4 large babies ( two 9.5 pounds and two 10 pounders!) I put on 25kg with each pregnancy to accommodate my growing babies. I also had health issues (too much amniotic fluid) so I was massive!! Anyway to cut a long story short, after each pregnancy I worked very hard, with exercise and diet to loose the weight. Not an easy task when you have babies. I'm sure much of you know this. So my rant is - my friend saw how happy I was with my surgery and booked in to see My surgeon. Anyway he came back and said that the surgeon can do his TT completely on Medicare!!! I had to pay for mine. The reason his is free is because he lost a great deal of weight (Dr's words) he lost 70kg. After he had lapban surgery (Medicare paid for this too) I pointed out I lost 100kg....... 25kg x 4 times. But my weight loss was obviously not sufficient enough. Yes - I chose to have children, yes - I choose to have 4. Yes - I lost the weight without medical intervention. Yes - I was happy to pay for my surgery. I'm not having a go at people that had surgery to aid weight loss. It just seems very unfair that because my TT was pregnancy related I wasn't entitled. I would like to hear other people's opinions on this.
  13. I went home with a drain and emptied it every day and measured how many mls it had in it. I got it removed when I was one week post op. leave the drain in as long as required, your tummy will appreciate it Short term pain for long term gain
  14. Hi Ladies, Sounds like everyone is recovering nicely Well my first days back at work where good. I managed very well, but was very sore, swollen and tired by the end of each day. MSP - I'm not doing anything special with my recovery. But I literally did nothing for the first 2 weeks post op. and I'm still not!! I am cooking dinner tho, but still have hubby and mum helping out. My swelling is very minimal and when I do wake up in the morning my tummy is extremely flat and tight. I'll take some more photos and post them. As for the scar, yes it's long! But they fade over time. You pretty much trade in your saggy tummy for scar. I was happy with this. However my scar will not sit below my knicker line Having a nice flat firm tummy is what I was after, do nice to sit down and not have roll of skin. Xxx
  15. Hi Girls! Well I'm two weeks post op today!! I've added some 10days post op photos. I'm happy to report I now have a waist!! The results are amazing! I was just happy to get rid of my (sloppy tummy - what my kids call it!) but now I have a flat tummy and waist!! I head back to work tomorrow. I feel good enough, and I'm sure I'll cope well, but then coming home to 5 kids, etc etc, not sure how I'll go with that! Oh also, I've lost 2 kg? Strange, considering I'm not doing anything. Can't wait until my scar is healed Good luck tofillmyfootysocks xxx Hope you're feeling better now captain now that the drains are out.
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