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  1. hopefully NIB don't make the same changes as BUPA.
  2. Who else covers implants,? I’ve had a rupture once, so I defiantly would like to be covered.
  3. Bupa is making changes, from reading this if my implant breaks again would I not be covered anymore? On your cover we pay benefits towards breast augmentation (when clinically necessary). From 1 July 2018, we will continue to cover you for reconstructive surgery. We will not cover you for any breast procedures except when they are post breast cancer. We are also updating our Fund Rules to clarify the definition of Cosmetic Surgery so you have a better idea of what is excluded and deemed as Cosmetic Surgery. Reconstructive Surgery is to restore function or typical appearance by reconstruct
  4. Anyone in south Australia had eyelid surgery that can recommend a surgeon, I have been looking at DR Angelo Tsirbas, but would like to read some good reviews from you girls. Feel free to PM photos and cost
  5. Anyone in south Australia had this done that can recommend a great surgeon and willing to share the price and results?
  6. How often do you get your implants checked, do you get an ultrasound or mri?
  7. my dr choose c02 because I had a rupture but I cant feel the difference at all.
  8. That sucks, hope its not to bad.
  9. pretty sure it was was called pulse anesthetic, good luck.
  10. Did you ring them, I phoned and because of the itam number, it was completely covered. Dr kollias uses his anesthetic people, did you get the booklet for them, I'm pretty sure I googled there number but I cant remember what the company was called?
  11. Are you with bupa babe?? the anesthetic is also covered when I phoned them, his fee has gone up, was only $500, still cheap thou
  12. Lol yeah the 400 would make so difference from 385. Push for more than 500 then he might come down to 500-550 fingers crossed L
  13. Before implants I was an A cup, any think is better than A cup. Love that I don't need to wear underwire bra's to, they don't seem to fit right with fake boobs anyway, crop tops are so much better!!
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