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  1. Comtom

    Who's dog bites them in the tit ?

    Yeah I've given it a clean out. I contacted my surgeon tonight and he sending a script for augmentin duo forte to my local pharmacy so I'll start that 1st thing in the morning. Taking to dog back to the vets on Thursday, I think she's going to need an anxiety medication to get her through the next few weeks.
  2. Comtom

    Who's dog bites them in the tit ?

    Lol. I was like, bite anywhere but not my tits😂😂😂. This is the 2nd big bite I've copped this week. Got this pearler last week on the stomach. I feel bad for my dog. The aggression wasn't directed at me, it was at the other dog. For no reason mind you. She's been through so much over the last month. 2surgeries & is still being medicated hourly. The vet seems to think the aggression could be to do with the medication. Either way she better not bite my tit again or she's going to be down a few teeth. lol
  3. Yep. That would be my little asshole. Excuse my scatty fingernails. I got bitten breaking up yet another fight between my dogs.
  4. Comtom

    Do you think I need a lift?

    don't be scared. I had the lift on one side & recovery was an absolute breeze. I did not have one day in pain at all , & the extra scars are nothing. Everyone's different, but definitely have a consult with a PS.
  5. Comtom

    Dissolvable stitches not dissolved

    I'm 10.5 weeks post op and I can still feel some stitches trying to break the skin. So irritating. I pulled a piece out almost as big as what you did and I'm fine. Surgeon said it was fine too.
  6. Comtom

    BA with far apart/wide set boobs?

    if your scared to post pics on here, go and have a look at my before pictures. They are fucking hideous and by far some of the worst boobies I've seen on here. I also had and still have a big gap between my boobs. I should have went bigger implants and probably would have had a smaller gap. Having ***** anatomy sucks😭😭😭
  7. Comtom

    Do you think I need a lift?

    Honestly, I think you could get away without a lift & get an okay result if you were prepared to get larger implants. But if it were me, and I was wanting good or great results, I'd definitely go the lift. It sucks to have to spend the extra money on it but there is more chance you'll have a 2nd surgery/revision if you get implants only. Good luck with your decision. I've been there too so I know how you feel.
  8. Comtom

    Instagram accounts

    what is your Insta name ? I've probably already accepted your add. Mid pictures are what you are after, Instagram are all boob pics I just added you :)
  9. Comtom

    Instagram accounts

    No problem. I've literally only just set it up, so just adding pics now. You might be my 1st liker. lol.
  10. Comtom

    Instagram accounts

    Who else has one ? I'd love to follow some more stories. i have thoroughly enjoyed following everyone's journey through Instagram and have found it so helpful, so I thought I would set one up and share my journey too. Particularly for the tuberous girls as I know we have a few more issues to deal with that just a straight for BA. So if any othe BA accounts would like to follow me, you can find me at tuberous_ba_account.
  11. Comtom

    Boobie day.

    Wow. You've got to be so stoked with those.
  12. Comtom

    Boobie day.

    Now that's not much of a sneak peak !!! Hahaha. Looks like your going to have an awesome cleavage.
  13. Comtom

    Boobie day.

    He totally would have put the 350 in. Lol. Cant wait to see some pics.
  14. Comtom

    Day/night out after BA?

    I had a lift and implants dual plane. Not that I'd recommend it but I went out on the town a week and a half post op and accidentally got ***** faced. Lol. So it's doable.
  15. I have dual plane anatomicals . Feel free to check out my pics