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  1. Hi, I went through the same thing, I had two weeks of terrible sensitivity that drove me crazy!! This link may have some helpful advice on it for you http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?3055-Breast-Sensitivity
  2. Don't stress, they will get bigger. When I had mine I went through the same emotions and after the swelling went down I was disappointed. About the three month mark they started fluffing and softening and looking much better. I had 350cc implants, I had hoped to be a D and in the beginning I thought I would end up with a C cup and have ended up a very full DD. Try not to worry about how they are looking now, it is nothing like they will end up being
  3. Congratulations!!! You will have the best time, I had mine done throught BMO and Dr P was my surgeon and I couldnt be happier with the outcome
  4. Maybe some massage could help but I would be getting it checked out by your surgeon as soon as you can just to be on the safe side. I had a couple of lumps around my scar and just massaged like crazy and they disappeared.
  5. I have unders and around 6 to 8 weeks or so I noticed a difference, I thought they were a bit small when I first had them done but now I am really happy with my DD/E's.
  6. Hi, I am sorry to hear your doing it so tough. You will probably find that the worst of it is over and that every day there will be improvements, focus on those improvements and take one day at a time. I hope you are feeling a lot better soon.
  7. I agree camjanice, I am nearly 4 months post op and recently tried breastroke and it was a very weird, almost sickening sensation. I did find though the more I did it the less it affected me but you can definately feel the muscle pulling over the implant. I am hoping that doesnt last forever and that I either it goes away or I get used to it and dont notice anymore.
  8. Thanks for a great post One Day, I agree with you that it is not always smooth sailing and everyone needs to read the good and the bad about the surgery. I breezed through the first 10 days, I dont know if i was running on adrenalin or just felt ok but then I crashed. I found it hard to tolerate the sensitivity on the skin, the niggly pains kicked in and having it 24/7 drove me insane. I felt so down and teary for a couple of weeks and was regretting having them done but gradually as the sensitivity and niggly pains disappeared I started to feel better and focused on what awesome boobs I now I have. It has taken time to reover, its not instant and I still have the odd day when I think maybe I shouldn't have had it done but most of the time I am happy with the outcome.
  9. Congrats on your new boobs!!! Glad it all went well and look forward to hearing more
  10. Hi Naja, 18 months ago I was a support person for a friend who had BA with Dr Suchart. I was fortunate enought to meet him and he is a very kind and friendly gentleman as well as being an awesome surgeon, he gave my friend a fantastic set of boobs
  11. I always use Travel Insurance Direct, never had a problem with them paying out when I have claimed and they are pretty cheap. There is a code you can put in for a discount, it is tidthanks.
  12. Dont stress to much I expected major pain and stressed out, all for nothing!!! When I woke from the op I felt a bit of pain but was given something good to fix that and then when I woke again I mainly felt a tightness in my chest. I could move my arms, was even putting tops over my head (carefully) on day 2 and was out shopping on day 3. The worst pain I experienced was my back aching from having to sleep in a different position and being stiff in the mornings. Try and enjoy the journey, I really didnt experience any of the "agony" I was expecting lol..
  13. I stayed at the apartments and they are lovely, I dont know anything about the A1 Hotel so I cant comment.
  14. You can choose how long you want to stay there, if you only want to spend a few nights there til your feeling good then that would be ok.
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