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  1. Thats great, i can't wait to see him. What did he suggest for you?
  2. Hey viv, do the allergan implants feel firm?
  3. How did you go with your consults, I am interested in what you thought of Tony Connell
  4. Thanks girls, I have decided on anatomical as I am quiet thin on my chest and scared in case round will be very noticeable. I met with Tim on Friday and he seemed good, I will meet with Tony Connell in 3 weeks as I have heard that Tony is the best in Perth so thought I would get his opinion. Has anyone used either surgeon and have any feedback?
  5. I am scheduled to see Dr Tim Hewitt on Friday for a Breast Aug. I am a small build but quiet hippy. I am a A cup after breast feeding 2 monsters. I am trying to decide on Antatomicals or Round Moderate Plus Implants. I don't want upper pole fullness but more so side boob to balance out my body. Does anyone has Anatomicals in the Mentor Range that have given you the lower pole fullness and side boob, if so what size did you go. I will ultimaltey leave it to my surgeon to decide but wouldn't mind getting a few ideas of what most people have.
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