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    Dr Jib Bangkok Hospital Phuket
    Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile Gel Implant 300cc
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    Dr. Pongsatorn (Jib) 10th Jan 2016
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    167cm 60kg 10C
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    Making raw desserts, playing Touch Rugby, Weight lifting and walking my Labrador.

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  1. I'm hoping so, I just wanted to hear if anyone else had this problem and if it resolved itself or needed to be assessed by a surgeon...
  2. Hi girls, I'm 8 weeks post op on Sunday. Before surgery, my left breast was always slightly bigger. I got 300cc fitted in both, under muscle. My right one has dropped and I'm holding my implant in my lower pole, it feels so soft and natural and looks so great. However, my left one is really tight, is holding in upper outer pole and I'm worried that it won't drop. I'm massaging 10 minutes a day but there is no improvement. It looks considerably smaller because the muscle is squashing it in place. I'm worried, should I be? Any advice please girls xx
  3. it's surprising how the amount of cc look different on different people. No mine are moderate profile x
  4. They look amazing. So glad to hear you're recovering well and loving your new girls Racheal1981 xx
  5. no worries food was fine, I had spaghetti for dinner and cereal for breakfast. Both served with fruit salad and Greek yoghurt. My partner got room service - extremely cheap and good variety. I was slightly sick on my second day here and I have a delicate stomach. Stayed clear of seafood and always ask if the ice is mineral water. Good luck chicken. Xx
  6. FYI girls I just posted a big post about my experience in the forum. X
  7. Hi ladies, I have shared my positive experience of BA in Phuket, Thailand in the Breast Augmentation forum that isn't international. Photos included i have shared it there as it gets more views and my recovery with hopefully help more ladies xx
  8. A little bit about me: 25 years old with a degree in health and sport science. I had the opportunity to pursue a BA when my partner decided to get his teeth done in Thailand. My friend had recently gone through an agency and got her BA in Thailand and couldn't talk highly enough of the experience. I'd always been self conscious about my breasts, as I have an athletic figure with broad shoulders, I've also been hypomastia in that I (feel) I don't have enough breast tissue in accordance with my body stats (166cm 60kg). I've been wearing a 12C bra for the past 5/6 years depending on birth control
  9. 3 days post op and weighing 4kg heavier. So bloated and feeling fat! Any special remedies? I've never bloated like this before, I legit look pregnant ?
  10. Hi girls, sounds like you're recovering well rachael1981 !! im 2 days post op, feeling better pain wise but thank god my partner is here with me because I'm pretty useless at sitting up by myself - as in, just can't do it! I've got really good movement in my arms, can do my hair quite easily however, can't carry a plate or open a door because of my pec muscles. I knew this so know surprise there. Going into Patong today to get my hair wash and blow dried and maybe a pedicure. I get out of breath really easily because my bandages are so tight, I feel like I'm a hunch back, it's quite ugly to
  11. Hi ladies i have my Thai coconuts! After seeing my surgeon I felt really good about my op. He said my breasts wouldn't fit more than 300cc but he tried 325 just in case. They didn't fit me during surgery, told me it was too stretched. I'm happy with 300cc though was sick on myself coming out of surgery but now I've had a little something to eat and I'm holding it down my drips are in with very little blood - I think that's good. Feels like an elephant is sat on my chest but it's easing up a little. Will do a proper update tomorrow- for now, I'm enjoying my free upgrade to the presidential s
  12. Hey girls, just had my medical and now waiting to see the surgeon. My stomach is full of nerves and I'm still considering if this is the best move for me! So nervous! Will update after surgery x
  13. Hi there, I just wanted to post a thread on here about my experience at BPICS. I booked well in advance to have my teeth scaled, cleaned and whitened whilst in Phuket as my partner was booked in for extensive treatment at the hospital on his teeth (veneers, root canals etc). When you book you are also given an estimate of cost. I got their email through the website and was in contact with a lady called Ailada. The hospital is immaculate with all staff well presented and able to communicate well. We were taken to the 5th floor - cosmetic area, where we had our pulse and heart rate tested and
  14. Hi girls, thinking of you all and looking forward to hearing how your surgery went! I fly out tomorrow and I'm feeling super nervous and unsettled. Second guessing myself and hoping I've packed the right clothes - I am so prepared but feel like I don't know enough! Much love x
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