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    breast augmentation
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    DR Cary Kailis
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  1. hi Cathy just wondering who did your first surgery & repair? ☺
  2. ???? your funny as woman lol. I've accepted ? sooo glad I went the 800s now I was freaking to start off with but now I'm absolutely loving them ??
  3. hey girls sorry I've been MIA for a while don't really get on here much. I'm on instagram & also a fb support group if you'd like to keep up with regular progress ☺
  4. the swelling is normal thus will go down by about week 6 and then they'll start to fluff after that ☺ don't worry they will shrink before they get bigger again. the numbness is normal due to cutting through the nerves etc. this can take up to 2 years to fully come back some girls around 10% don't get the feeling back at all.
  5. congrats girls hope your recovery is going smoothly so far! @JessJN looking fab so far ?? @Ruby2015 I've sent u a FR ☺
  6. I've updated a photo my profile ☺ was post op day 2. but so far soo good ☺☺☺
  7. it can vary anywhere between 8-15k depending who you choose and what your wanting to achieve and also how much work u need done etc how are you feeling @gabbyh09
  8. I sure will be... they look amazing! ? can't wait for then to drop n fluff they're so perfect right now. just waiting for swelling to settle in left side & I'll gt some pics up.
  9. I learnt the hard way with this ? spent 5days in complete pain. damn anaèsethesia and meds ?
  10. button up or zip up clothes. I also found my loose baggy tops and singlets r great especially hubby's ☺ I lived in my leggings but got hubby to help me with them ☺ it's easier if you have some trackies or cotton pants easy on n off
  11. hahahah nope not quite ??? thanks yes most definately very very very happy ???
  12. yes most definately but I went 2cm wider implants from 13.5 to 15.5 & omg I'm literally in heaven with them now I love them sooo much, even the pain I was having beforehand is gone
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