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  1. The below link was an eye opener for me in how unregulated the cosmetic industry is in Australia. I would encourage all to watch before making any decisions in your cosmetic procedures. Vanity is not worth your life http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/beautys-new-normal/10115838
  2. One of the Doctors I’m fortunate to be a previous patient/ colleague Dr John Downie Source : ABC four corners Australian doctors have treated their first patient who has gone permanently blind from having dermal filler injected into her face. A Four Corners investigation revealed that in April, the woman was taken to the ophthalmology department at Sydney's Prince of Wales Hospital, where despite the best efforts of doctors, her sight in one eye could not be restored. She was given the filler by a nurse at a clinic where there was no doctor physically present. Prince of Wales Hospital ophthalmologist, Dr John Downie, who treated the patient, agreed it was "alarming" that a patient could go blind from what is marketed as a simple cosmetic procedure. "The problem I get is that people perceive a cosmetic procedure to have limited or no risk, and that's not the case," Dr Downie said. While fillers and anti-wrinkle injections such as Botox are often done by nurses in shopping malls with only a brief Skype consultation with a doctor, they involve injection into the face of a Schedule 4 drug classified under the Poisons Standard. Dr Downie said blindness can occur when an artery is blocked by the dermal filler. "The filler or other substance is inadvertently injected into one of the blood vessels in the skin around, or under the skin around the eye," he said. "That material goes back along that artery to one of the bigger arteries around the eye, and then it can flow and block off the blood vessels going to the eye, or inside the eye. Internationally, there have been 98 documented cases of blindness caused by fillers.
  3. cosmetic

    Rhinoplasty Perth doctors

    Have you heard of Dr Tuan Pham? Dr Irmani is better than him but just saying for an option to book a consult...
  4. I think that's very excessive $15,000 just for surgeon fee! They may have included the OT cost and anesthetist. in saying that I know a doctor in bondi that charges close to $21,000 for rhinoplasty. The average cost for rhino should be anywhere from 8,000-10,000 just for surgeons fee! It won't hurt to book a consult with Dr Dunlop and provide feedback for members on this forum.
  5. cosmetic

    Recovery Times

    recovery time is dependant on a case by case some heal quicker others may take longer to heal. The main thing is you get support from you're surgeon both pre and post-op! I got no support when I underwent primary rhinoplasty.
  6. She was honest and made the right choice! Keep us updated on your post-op I myself am highly interested in Dr green smith !
  7. cosmetic

    help- can a nose job help me?

    I think you have a lot of nostril showing on you're the side profile, I think you may be a good candidate for alarplasty in saying that I don't think you're front profile will change dramatically just minimal changes. This all goes to the skill of the surgeon yo elect to perform you're rhinoplasty. Where are you based so members can suggest surgeons?
  8. cosmetic

    Dermis Rhinoplasty Revision

    You look pretty! For someone so young you had so many surgeries !!!
  9. cosmetic

    Love island Australia

    Grant and tayla won!
  10. cosmetic

    Love island Australia

    Yup! I’m over it now...
  11. Who watches love island Australia?? I’m so addicted to the show!!
  12. @TheFox Taylor clinic is no longer at Edge cliff or double bay only at Bellavista which is about 40 min away from Sydney...
  13. cosmetic

    Private health cover

    Private health will cover anything surgical related, OT room part of surgeons fee and anesthetist fee. You can try to ask anesthetist to "charge within the gap" to reduce out of pocket expenses. Also, your surgeon has to provide you with item numbers for you to claim. It's always best to go with top cover with gap cover to reduce out of pocket expenses.