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  1. For our free coronavirus pandemic coverage, learn more here. By Lisa Visentin and Kate Aubusson March 29, 2020 — 12.00am Pivate hospitals are rushing through cosmetic surgeries and other non-urgent procedures before a ban is implemented this week, defying warnings from health experts that it would further drain resources needed for the coronavirus pandemic. The Waratah Private Hospital in Hurstville in Sydney's south allowed cosmetic surgeon Dr Anoop Rastogi to schedule five operations for breast implants and reconstructions on Friday, in a move condemned by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Waratah Private Hospital on Saturday. CREDIT:DOMINIC LORRIMER ASPS President Gazi Hussain said some private hospitals were running their operating theatres 24-hours a day ahead of the ban on semi-urgent elective surgery from Wednesday. “It’s a completely irresponsible act to be doing these surgeries just to get in before the shutdown. That is purely driven by greed,” Professor Hussain said. “The sooner the ban comes in the better." Advertisement
  2. When researching any business in this case being a practitioners or clinics do you look at Google reviews ? If so does this have any impact on if you're going to proceed in engaging a service from the provider ? I only ask as I placed a genuine negative review on practitioners then not showing in public view. I came to learn there is a service where business can request Google to hide/ remove negative reviews,which I think is unfair as some negative reviews can be genuine. Your thoughts?
  3. Anyone consider having surgery with Dr. Dan Robinson? saw his credentials and he's based in Gold coast. Based on rate MD reviews he seems to charge slot!
  4. I'm sorry, but I want the best outcome for you. Have you done your research? Like the girls posting here particularly this thread by now should be of interest to you?
  5. Has she gone back to her surgeon to discuss ?
  6. Dr Marcell's is very slow in the OT, he takes his time in the OT, very precious with his surgical incisions. Look at both surgeon online reviews and who you feel comfortable with, I would go back and honestly ask. I'm thinking of you to the other person tell me the pros and cons, if they want your business I'm pretty sure they would sale themselves. I've asked the exact question and they do intend to discuss. All the best
  7. I take it you are from Canada ? As I used to live there! I follow the below sugeon on snap chat, some of his work is amazing! Dr. 6ix - Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Jugenburg https://torontosurgery.com/snapchat/ Dr. 6ix (Dr. Martin Jugenburg) is a world renowned Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon based out of Toronto, Canada (also known as “The 6ix”). ... Dr. Jugenburg performs all types of breast augmentations. He is also one of the first plastic surgeons in Canada to ...
  8. It's all about marketing not educating patients SMH https://phlanx.com/collaboration/post/cosmos-clinic-influencer-call-out Location: Australia Link: https://www.cosmosclinic.com.au/ Post Type: I'm offering product or service in exchange for… Category: Fashion + Beauty Reimbursement: Free Product Premier Cosmetics Surgery clinic, Cosmos Clinic, is seeking beauty/lifestyle influencers (80k+ following) who are interested in FREE treatment (any choice) in exchange for posting (twice) about the brand. Get in touch if this is of interest!
  9. I spoke with the Dr himself, he advised it was liquid rhinoplasty that caused complications leading to blindness.
  10. I’ll be honest when I go to LCA or any other clinics I don’t read the consent forms,my next visit I’m going to read every single word!! in this case did the women get liquid rhino? It says only face?
  11. For those of you who are researching and wanting invasive procedures such as BBL ( Brazilian Butt Lift) which cosmos clinic is heavily promoting through.various ads and channels, I just wanted to point out, they are not plastic surgeons! I’ve consulted with Cosmos Clinic years ago and was highly interested in a procedure than pulled out as none of them are plastic surgeons. Invasive procedure such as BBL carries high risk and should only be performed by a plastic surgeon ?‍⚕️. Hope this helps everyone. No I don’t have anything against cosmos clinic but feel members who are researching should be aware of this.
  12. The below link was an eye opener for me in how unregulated the cosmetic industry is in Australia. I would encourage all to watch before making any decisions in your cosmetic procedures. Vanity is not worth your life http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/beautys-new-normal/10115838
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