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  1. Hi Everyone As you may or may not know I’m a male from Sydney who was brought up in Canada. I’ve created this thread wanting to share in my what’s soon to be a long journey in becoming qualified in the aesthetics industry. Hope you all can support and encourage me to fulfill my dreams,and what I learn would love to update and share with you all. Any advice is appreciated! In this first post you will see attached a photo of myself undergoing training on Micro-needling ( collagen induction therapy )
  2. How did you go ? Still researching or did you underwent rhino?
  3. Umm hmm. If item numbers weren’t provided I wouldn’t have been able to afford that rhinoplasty procedure .. hoping to see someone in the coming weeks soon!
  4. Sorry to hear about you’re breast it sounds full on and hope it gets sorted out soon.. I read in another thread you had fillers injected in you’re nose has this made a improvement aestheically to you’re nose in how you want it to look like ? May I ask what type of filler they used and where did they inject? I tear up every time they inject in my nose region ! But so amazed how 1ml can do so much!
  5. @mikk has been researching rhinoplasty surgeons in Melbourne perhaps he can suggest some? Average cost for primary rhinoplasty in Australia is around $15,000 without healfund.
  6. Best Rhinoplasty surgeon in Australia

    I’m curious to know who you think are the top rhino surgeons in Australia?
  7. Good setup! Know I understand why there’s no spam .. I remember few years back this forum would be flooded with spam..
  8. Always go to a reputable plastic surgeon. A plastic surgery addict has spoken of his agony after he claims a nose job operation caused him to get a painful and permanent erection. Croatian stylist Neven Ciganovic was being filmed by a documentary crew from Channel 4 when the side-effect from the surgery triggered the rare condition. According to Neven, it was during the surgery that he was diagnosed with priapism - an unwanted, long-lasting and painful erection that is not accompanied by sexual desire. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/plastic-surgery-addict-left-permanent-11132339
  9. @Moderator would you be able to assist with this question?
  10. Hi Everyone I’m wanting to know who are the leading rhinoplasty surgeons in New Zealand?
  11. Can anyone from Auckland area recommend me any good clinics to get Botox/fillers Also what’s the average costs for Botox per unit?
  12. Foot Fetish

    On the topic of feet did you know some girls get Botox and Fillers injected in there feet? heres one article. https://www.consultingroom.com/Treatment/Foot-Cushioning-dermal-filler-injections