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  1. Argh I hate looking at my before but here is my 250cc ? i do wish I was able to go a little bigger but I’m overall happy with what I have now as you can see it’s much better than what I started with ?
  2. For those that have followed any part of my journey know that I've had a few emotional issues with how small my implants are well finally I achieved this!! I had to use my chicken fillets lol but I was ever so proud and felt amazing. had a lot of comments also on how good they looked lol thanks for reading
  3. I love your boobies!!! Maybe we could swap lol!! I always seem to feel sad mine aren't big enough. I always find of any kind helps me. I'm glad you've found some happiness with your girls again xx
  4. I hope I'm not being too nosey but I'd love to see some before and after of Botox for crows feet and under eye id really love to get it done but know nothing about Botox at all thanks in advance
  5. Today I went and tried on some more bras. I found smaller sizers my boobs hang out the side lol. I did quite like the ones from cotton on though. i used to use those stick on bra things before ba and though why not try it now lol and well it almost brought them together. So when I go out I'll def be wearing them. i have a 3 to 4 finger gap i also knew before surgery as ps did discuss with me. It didn't bother me at the time. It's such a roller coaster coz I honestly thought I was over all the bad feelings I had in the beginning. This i why I love it hear because you all ma
  6. Thanks ladies I'll have a look yea so the couple of bras I do have only really push me up. It does seem silly as most of us want them to squish together lol
  7. Very true im just finding it really hard to find a bra to squash them together and I think that's the part that gets me down. Silly I know but I just want boobs that touch each other haha
  8. I had kollias for other surgery and didn't like him however I've heard many girls on here say he is fantastic
  9. im pretty lots of girls here have gone back and had bigger put in. to be honest I haven't searched much lol I kinda just assumed it stretched you skin to be be able to go bigger.
  10. Thanks Hun yea I look at them often to remind myself but lately just can't see, to kick the feeling and can't wait to have enough money to go bigger. I went as big as I could for my tiny frame. My width was 9cm good luck on your journey
  11. I was doing really good and feeling really good bout my boobies but the last week or so I've been feeling like they are so small again. maybe it's just that I'm so used to them now i wish I could close my gap with a bra but I just can't seem to find a bra that will. But yet I can squeeze them together arghh anyway I post here coz I know you ladies understand the struggle is real lol
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