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  1. I decided to wait until my 6 weeks post op appt in 10 days. I am 6 weeks post op today and it still looks quite crooked ? I'm trying so hard to be patient. I'll update this post when I've had my appt.
  2. I had a revision rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago. My previous surgeon left me with a very crooked nose & a few other issues, he ruined my face. I researched for years (5 to be exact) and thought I was going with the best revision surgeon in Melbourne. My nose still looks crooked. Could it be the swelling as I had a septorhinoplasty & one side needed more work? It is quite swollen still. I'm freaking out and I'm unsure whether to go back to the surgeon for reassurance or just wait until 6 weeks post op. Has anyone else had a crooked nose that has straightened as the swelling went down? Any advice welcome....
  3. I'm 39 with 4 kids aged 17,15,12,& 9. I had my BA in between child 2 &3 (14 years ago). I wish I had waited until finished having kids but oh well it is what it is. Looking at getting a revision before I turn 40 next June as my 40th pressie!
  4. Hi, I'm having my revision with Greensmith early December. My primary Rhinoplasty was with another surgeon 6 years ago and it's destroyed my self confidence. I am freaking out that he won't be able to fix my crooked nose. My worst fear is to have the splint taken off and it looks the same or even worse. I have had 2 consults with Greensmith and I will probably see him again prior to surgery as I'm quite anxious about the whole procedure. Has anyone else felt like this prior to their revision? Does anyone have a story to share of their revision experience? Is it normal to feel this way before revision? Any advice much appreciated. Thanks :-)
  5. Melb institute of plastic surgery is offering the real deal for $7990-and all their surgeons are qualified plastic surgeons! They are trying to steer people away from these dodgy practices and the cosmetic industry.
  6. I was told my skin is thin too and will need a graft. I plucked up the courage to actually book today im having it done in early December with AG and now I am freaking out. Yikes!
  7. I feel your excitement and nerves! I had my second appt with AG today and I feel very confident that he can fix my nose. I'm nervous and excited to be one step closer to feeling normal again (revision!!) I just need to sort out the finances and it will all be going ahead. Im thinking of booking my revision for November. Is it possible to let me know how it all goes? I'm very interested to hear your personal experience with him. Thanks, Melly.
  8. I know how you feel. I have stopped seeing friends as I hate my face so much at the moment, I avoid photos all the time. I've only had one rhinoplasty (in Australia) and I look worse than before. I feel Greensmith is the best for my situation. I went to see him a while back and he seems confident he can fix my crooked nose. I haven't read anything negative about him yet.
  9. I would love to see pics. I'm thinking of going with Greensmith for a revision for my crooked nose from rhinoplasty 6 years ago. Can you message me more info on your recovery, etc. thanks.
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