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  1. Yes defiantly was something that needed to be done, we went from 450cc mod profiles to 390cc high profiles to get the width out the way and we used dernmal mesh to keep the breats apart and only been 2 weeks post op the results are fantastic!!
  2. Hi everyone, thought I would share my experience. I suffered from synmastia and had correction surgery in 2009. We then left it with the same size implant. I had further correction 2 weeks ago and I could not speak highly enough of my outcome :-) for all the ladies out there suffering this please know it's a timely and careful correction!
  3. Yes I was 450cc moderate profile and were too wide on my chest and I had symastia. I had correction yesterday so far so good. I agree defiantly HP should be the first option
  4. Hi everyone next week I'm going in for surgery 450cc moderate profiles to 390cc high profiles i am very narrow chested. Has anyone had troubles with saggy skin? We are doing a new implant pocket and I am still very young so I assume the high profile implant will help with any skin issues :)??
  5. Hi Everyone, Next week I have surgery to go from 450cc moderate profiles to 390cc High Profile, I have had symastia so the implants like to keep coming into my chest line, I am having correction surgery and have been told by other ladies high profiles are good because they are not so wide? opinions please
  6. Hi everyone, Has anyone ever gone from a larger implant to a smaller? If so please let me know your response.. I am 450cc looking to go to either 375 or 400cc Thanks
  7. hello everyone, in 2011 I had mild symastia correction and remained same size implant. I am now booking in to have my boobs re-done as I have had 3 surgeons feedback and was told my implants are to wide for my chest (450cc) has anyone ever gone down a size or so and happy with them?? I was told to leave them for now but I'm just not happy with myself!!
  8. Hi has anyone tried having correction surgery in Thailand?
  9. Hi Guys! I have mild symastia. I had a BA in 2009 and then correction in 2011. Still to this day I see my skin lifting only ever in a bra or bikini. My doctor advised I go to a smaller implant size (I am currently 450cc) maybe thinking 400cc. I had internal sutures down my chest line which helped dramatically just whenever I have any support the skin raises. I need advice, I was told i could go smaller now and let myself heal and then after all my children go back for a lift and possible further correction if needed. The case seems to really bother me when in clothing or visable. Should I go in now for surgery or hold off and have it all done in one go?
  10. Hi Hayles!! It has caused many hours of no sleep trust me! I see it both ways: Save the money and fix them once all children are born.. Get them fixed now a smaller size while im young and give them a few years to heal.. my surgeon has offered a discount price which is tempting but i must think this out first, personally i would like them fixed while i am young and have good skin to heal faster.. been smaller and pregnant should not effect it as much as having them done after pregnancy.. hard to tell I love hearing your comments so i dont take it the wrong way at all
  11. My surgeon advised I can go smaller and then worry about further surgery after having all my children or i can wait and go smaller.. other surgeons have advised going smaller is the best option unless its not to bad i can wait until after my children and then remain same size and correction
  12. Thanks heaps I live in QLD and have heard really good feedback about Dr. Kourosh Tavakoli and his amazing work on reconstruction. I am willing to pay the $$ and have the job done to perfection, not wasting anymore time on my surgeon nor any more money! I guess the surgeon will be the only one who tells me what is right and what is wrong with waiting or not. I am flying to sydney in October so I can make an appointment for then to see him and finally see what he is all about, symastia is very depressing and ruins all womens confidence. I am 24 and should be strutting down the beach in a bikini instead I wear baggy shirts. Personally would love to have them fixed now while I am young just dont want to waste money if children are planned shortly.
  13. Hi Guys, I have asked quite a lot I have mild symastia that was corrected in 2011 and still to this day I wear a bra or bikini and the skin raises only when wearing suppport when naked the skin looks great! My partner and I have discusses children in the next coming years (when we are a little older) I am looking into a new surgeon who can actually fix the problem, i remained the same size implant last time which i think has caused the skin never to stay down, I am looking at having corrections surgery and maybe a smaller implant but should I be sdoing this after children or before? because its a self confidence issue I would prefer to have it done sooner then later but dont want to spend $10,000+ and then have a baby and needs more work help!??
  14. yes my case is defiantly second symastia repair not as bad as it once was but when your young and never show your new boobs off that's embarrassing. Does any one know if surgery should be held off until my body finishes changing after pregnancy? Or focusing on it sooner then later
  15. I am looking for as much advice as possible, my partner thinks they look fine to him but I guess symastia is more mentally effective also! I am happy to wait but I feel it should never have happened in the first surgery. I am looking for surgeons in Australia as I live in QLD.
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