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  1. I had surgery with him on Tuesday and he is amazing!! My consult with him was awesome aswell. Free to message me with any questions ☺️ POD4 and I'm so happy!
  2. I went 525 XHP yesterday and so far I'm feeling pretty happy. I haven't seen them out of the post op bra yet, but will a bit later today. I'll post a photo in my gallery ☺️ The whole process for me was amazing. Feeling morning boob big time now but just waiting to take my meds and get some more sleep.
  3. Hey everyone, just a quick update. I had my consult today and we decided on 525cc XHP. Soo much more than I expected but super excited for them. Dr Nguyen was amazing. Surgery at 6.45am tomorrow ☺️
  4. I'd give the girls a call and ask Once you have sent the admission form back I think they are organizing transport vouchers or something along those lines. We didn't need them luckily, but other girls who are staying in Bondi have been given money back for transport. And The Fox I understand that you weren't trying to offend, however with recent outlandish comments made by certain forum members (how "dumb" and uneducated members have become for example) it becomes hard not to get defensive. There have been many "claims" made on this site which are completely false and are rich coming from so called BA experts who have zero respect for post-op instructions. Possibly leading to why they have needed numerous revisions after surgery done by PS, but that is none of my business now is it
  5. They have not purchased a whole hospital. It has been in place for several months, but yes with the current climate they are moving all surgeries there. It is at Concord Private hospital and have and will continue to rent the theaters. All the pre and post-op appointments will be at the regular clinics and they are offering the ladies from Bondi who have already booked accommodation travel options. The way they have handle this has been extremely professional ☺️
  6. hey Tash, I am a week out and called them on Friday when a friend told me about the concord stuff. They are actually offering travel vouchers so that you can get to and from the hospital. My consult is still in Bondi and I have to admit my family is happy that it is now in a hospital rather then a clinic :)
  7. MaisieF looking forward to hearing how it all went. Hopefully you are resting up and feeling fantastic! 10days for me. Doesn't feel real ☺️☺️
  8. Can I ask how can you tell if you are tuberous? I have heard about other ladies being turned down by TCI lately for a variety of reasons and I'm getting nervous they may find something wrong with me..
  9. Not long now until the first girls go in. How is everyone feeling?
  10. on Shygirl, I am so sorry to hear that. Hopefully after the testing and surgery you are able to get back on track with the surgery plans. Have you been given dates for when that's going to happen?
  11. woo hoo!! Sounds like you are super organized. I've only got 20 days and have really no idea. Well I know the size I'm aiming for and that they will need to be unders, but no idea on cc's and things haha I was trying to guess but in the end I was hopeless.
  12. I loved my extensions! I rubbed my face and slept on my side (attractive face smoosh) and never had any issues. The always made it to 3-4weeks before needing an infill. Was great not having to apply mascara and could get away with some tinted moisturizer and a little bronzer for day to day stuff.
  13. I haven't had this happen personally, but after hearing stories I can see why the surgeon wants you to get this done. It is one of those better to be safe than sorry. I'm sure the results will come back perfectly fine and am sending you loads of positive vibes ?
  14. Hey Ladies, I was originally booked in for October at TCI's new Southport clinic, but due to a family commitment I called to see if I could reschedule. Lucky for me I am in with Dr Nguyen on the 15th September in Bondi! With my consult the day before. Firstly I want to send Abevemi and Shygirl positive vibes!! Cannot imagine how you both are feeling and am hoping for the very best outcome! I am a mum of 3 who started out with nothing, gained nice milk boobs and now am down to a 10AA.. Hoping to get full D/DD. My partner and I have been looking at boobs so much recently that he has actually banned me for a while! Looking forward to sharing stories and photos with everyone xx
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