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  1. I have to take my tape off on Friday, and can apparently start scar treatment after that (I'll be three weeks post op). I'm concerned my scars won't be ready though... What kind of tape has everyone else used till they were completely healed? Micropore?
  2. @Meeks I changed my mind about three times on the day, and was in theatre when i decided that 'no i DID want implants' but we couldn't make the extra payment in time, my surgeon didn't seem to mind haha. I think it was meant to be, as I'm really happy with just the lift
  3. How is everyone else doing in Phuket?! Loving this sunshine!!! xx
  4. @blmason, @sophierose, thanks for your feedback! I totally agree about the side boob haha!! My BL has definitely improved the severity of my gap, so think I should be fine to get the implant at a later date. Its so helpful hearing others thoughts blmason, it's funny, yours don't look far apart to me at all, and they are looking great btw! I would love to post a pic on here of what they were/are now to give people an idea, but eek I'm a bit nervous to do so.
  5. Brinos, I'm 6 days post op and have around 90% mobility back I can lift things (light things of course), sit up from lying down, push up from the bed, arms over head etc with no pain. I only have pain when i twist in an odd way and my incisions are pulled, or get the odd twang here and there (which i assume is nerves mending?). Today I'm going to see how I get on with no pain meds at all, including no muscle relaxers (which have also really helped as I had discomfort from back/shoulder pain, i guess from sleeping weird etc). x
  6. I've FR'd you so I can send you photos if you'd like?
  7. Mel that would be amazing thank you so much
  8. The only thing a 200cc implant would do for me was to add upper pole and keep me the same size if not a little bigger, as you have also been told, anything else would make me quite big... I personally like the sloping top to bottom heavy look anyway, so was happy to proceed sans implant Anyway, after seeing my PS post surgery, he told me he removed minimal tissue and pushed some tissue up to provide fullness, and to keep me the same size, yay! They seem to be changing daily, and do indeed appear to be the same size (DD), but I haven't yet had my first post op appointment when ill see them without bandages etc and I think there is a fair amount of swelling. So far, very happy though! To be honest, I think I do have a bit of boob greed.... like maybe I should have got the implant? But a big one... 400cc haha. I never wanted really big boobs though... must be something in the anaesthesia hehe. I'll continue to let you know how they heal x
  9. Thank you ladies I've tried to find similar boobs to mine on here and real self and haven't had much luck :s Mine were very far apart in that they would disappear into my armpits and Id be completely flat chested when lying down. When standing there is a 4 finger flat space and my nips point outwards. I just don't want to get implants and have an exaggerated version of what they were :s
  10. A few days ago I was set to have a BL and BA in Phuket, I was informed during my consult that I wouldn't be able to achieve the look I wanted as I my boobs sit too far apart. Im already a DD so if I was to get an implant Id only be able to go around 200cc without looking HUGE. In order to get some cleavage I'd apparently have to get around 500cc, imagine how big I'd be! I ended up just getting the BL. I'm going to wait and see how I heal, and maybe further down the track look at implants again. So, I was wondering if there was anyone here that wouldn't mind sharing with me their before and afters of any 'wide set' 'east west' type boobs? Or any feedback on experience would be hugely appreciated Thank you all xx
  11. Hello! I'm out of the hospital and back at my hotel Feeling pretty good with very minimal pain. Judging by the way I'm feeling now I think my recovery shouldn't take too long, provided everything goes to plan and no complications! I only have two weeks till I'm back at work too. So hoping it's enough! I'll keep you updated
  12. Thanks @mrsrosehiptea, I'm feeling much better now I just had my drains taken out by the surgeon, so a lot happier, they were causing my a bit of grief. Got to have a nosey at my boobs yesterday, they look better than I could have imagined! I know they are very swollen still so will change a lot in the next few weeks. Just before I went into my surgery I freaked out a little bit in regard to only getting the lift, I was like gah I've come this far I may as well just get the implant too! Fate should have it that we couldn't make payment in time (I was literally in theatre prepped and ready to go), so wasn't able to have them done. When Dr V came and saw me yesterday he told me my surgery took longer than intended because he was able to manipulate (for want of a better word) my own tissue to provide the fullness I wanted! So now I'm perky and full! Couldn't be happier! Still early days though, now I have the stinging and itching incisions to look forward to :s @mrsrosehiptea I hope your boobs settle soon and they become more even/similar. By the sounds of it, it takes a while for them to sort them selves out? Maybe particularly more so with a BL and BA? xx
  13. 9 hours post op and pretty sore! Staff at PIAC have been great though Waiting for Dr V to come visit me now and update me on how the surgery went In the end I just went with the lift.
  14. I've opted to just have the lift! I might look at implants further down the track i.e. after kids. My surgeon recommend 200cc over the muscle as Mari had too Ill let you know over the next few days how I'm feeling and how comparable they are in size to my pre surgery DDs.
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