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    Breast Augmentation, 295cc Nagor GFX round textured, under muscle. Mildly tuberous breasts pre op and pectus excavatum.
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    Dr Phil Richardson, 26th October
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    170cm / 58kg / small 12B pre op / BWD 11.5cm

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  1. Hi, I'm looking at getting Botox and lip filler and keen to try Laser Clinics Australia in Brisbane. Does anyone have any recommendations for which clinic or injector to go with? thanks! JJ
  2. I think it'll definitely get you there. In fact they will probably measure bigger but look a D/DD. I have 295cc and measure a 10D occasionally DD but they prob look a large C
  3. If you can fit that size I don't think they will look out of proportion. They always seem waaaaaay smaller once they're in. Hence why everyone gets boob greed. I don't think you will regret it!! Good luck honey!! ?
  4. I never got copies of the vectra images so I'm going by memory. I think they looked a little bigger in the vectra. They definitely sat further apart - the vectra showed wider cleavage and more side boob. My cleavage is much nicer in real life. I would definitely select a size based on physical sizers. Also, they do appear and feel bigger when your trying on sizers compared to the final result, so keep that in mind. Many girls select the sizer they like the feel of and then go up a bit. I wish I went bigger
  5. It happened to me too, it was the worst feeling! Was convinced my skin would lift off my sternum. I shoved rolled up socks in my cleavage which helped heaps. It went away after a couple of weeks after the skin stretched tho.
  6. Try H&M for some cheap ones if you have one near you. I just bought 4 different pairs on sale. I don't have a problem with cleavage but they are still pretty high and hard so chose a few styles that cover them up more. It doesnt look great trying to fit them into a triangle bikini at this stage...
  7. I did the same thing. Forgot to ask a bunch of questions. Part nerves and part just trusting his expertise. You can always go back though with more questions and to try on sizers. They even let you take them home if you really want :)
  8. Hey @Emi how did your consult go?
  9. Make sure you talk in detail about the look you want to achieve. I forgot to ask a lot of the simple stuff at first cos I was more worried about things like capsular contracture, complications and the general size I wanted. 1. I would highly recommend showing him pictures that depict clearly the kind of size and shape you're after. 2. Ask him which brand and style of implant he would recommend and why. 3. Ask him what makes that implant different to others. 4. He will likely recommend a certain size for you but you might find it helpful to know the absolute maximum size you're body could hold to give you perspective and also should you decide you want bigger. these were all the things that really weighed on my mind a lot in the lead up to surgery. i ended up getting the nagor GFX extra high profile implants and understanding the differences between them and the impleo made me realize I was getting the right implants for my body. good luck!! ?
  10. I think it's Monday's and Thursday's. I had my surgery I a Monday.
  11. I went with dr Richardson and he lowered my crease. I think it's pretty common. I also don't think he would've mentioned it unless I specifically asked him what he was going to do reconstructively.
  12. Thanks honey! I got round nagor gfx extra high profile 295cc. My bwd was only 11.5cm so that was the biggest I could go in that range.
  13. Hey, I had a similar dilemma when deciding on size. I'm 170cm 58kg 12 A/B and bwd of 11.5. I got 295cc round nagor gfx. That was the biggest I could go in that style of implant but the nagor impleo have a higher projection so you can go bigger if you want. I stuck with my surgeons recommendation though. Check out my progress pics of you like! I'm 3 weeks PO. i would recommend showing your PS more pics of boobs you like as he might be guiding you toward a really natural look when actually you might like a slightly augmented look and not realise it. I would also suggest a third consult if you're still unsure, but sounds s like you like this PS :)
  14. I'm 3 weeks post op with Dr Richardson. You can check out my progress pics. I was after a natural look too. I also have some difficult anatomy to work with but they are starting to settle in nicely now. I also consulted with harwood but I'm really happy I chose Richardson. Dr Broadhurst might also be another good one to consult with if you're looking for more opinions.
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