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  1. I do think my reaction was slightly based on anger because of fear and a bit crushed because I was excited to finally booking a BA. The more I reacted the easier I felt with my original choice of surgeon, if that makes sense. I didn't have that fear before the original post. Then I did and began to doubt my choices so ironically if that didn't happen I wouldn't of questioned my surgeon. I went from being excited to scared cover with anger and it thankfully opened my eyes to make a better choice. I am very sorry to those I offended I did take things to far but a positive did come from that, wish it was from a different way but it wasn't but I'm grateful it did.
  2. yes I did have a change of heart and thank goodness I did after last nights airing. Thanks for your comments as it pushed me to do more research ( more than I thought I did lol) If stories like this can help potetionally keep one person safe as it did me keep opening people's eyes to what really can happen I was hoping 60 min could name the the second doctor with the cardiac arrest, as it was in Bondi I think and my original surgeon was from there and coming to the gc in October that concerned me a little.
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