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  1. hi how did you go with boonchai ? i am planning to go soon HI, i heard the same thing. textured prevents capsular contracture but more chance of rippling.
  2. Do you girls have Dr Seree direct email addy ?
  3. Have you had any surgery with him ? Have you heard any recommendations or negatives about him ?
  4. Hello lovely ladies ! I was set in stone to have a surgery with Dr Poomee. However his age bothered me. I have came across Dr Seeree in Bumrungrad hospital too. He is one of the 4 American Surgeon board Certified. ( others are Dr Poomee, Dr Teerasit and Dr Priyahapas( spelling?). Dr Seeree was certified in 2012. Others- long time ago. My only issue- I can not find anything about him. Your comments, concerns, questions , photos and just hooray are welcome ! xx
  5. girlies can someone please give me direct email of Dr Boonchai ?
  6. girls - can you please give me Dr B direct email addy ? any of you girls have Dr Boonchai email address?
  7. Thanks for comments girls. i have been told by a lady from Lotus agency that Dr B "he is a very good surgeon but he is not as strong with breast surgery as his other surgeries. I think that the two surgeons that have your information at the moment are some of the best at breast augmentation. I can also get an opinion from Dr. B. if you like?" Girls did you book with Dr B direct ? does anyone have his email left ? My partner has given up- i changed from Teerasit to Poomee( that name though) to Dr V. Keen to look at dr B too! Any of you girls had issues with rippling ? Im thinking to go there between 10-16 October. Havent booked anything yet. Will be happy to know who else is in Phuket ! x
  8. Hello Girlies !! I am looking to book with Dr V. My first consideration were with Dr Poomee and then with Dr Teerasit. Someone mentioned their age... Then stumbled across an article where it says that most of mistakes are made by doctors who are over 60. hmmm I am NOT saying they are bad. I just want to share what is going on in my head Anyway , my question - i contacted Dr V via this web site www.drvcosmetic.com . Do you know if he does he surgery in PIAC or somewhere else if you book through www.drvcosmetic.com web site? Im am still waiting for him to reply. I am also curious about rippling - he said i have a high chance of rippling. I am 163cm and vary between 49-51kgs. I have my rib cage showing hence i don't have much tussue coverage. I am size A bra now. I am thinking to get 350cc round silicon implants under muscle and armpit incision. any advice /help/ comment would be appreciated! much love to you all x
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