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  1. LadyClaire

    Dr Preeyaphas

    Poomee did an amazing job on mine! Natural results. I am ecstatic. Would highly recommend him.
  2. Oh you have not been doing it? My PS was adamant I have to do it!
  3. Hi All, I had a BA 7 weeks ago and have been doing breast motion exercises on and off. Just today my right breast makes squishy whooshing weird sound when I massaged it. The left makes no sound and feels normal. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks!
  4. LadyClaire

    PO4 rippling along inner right breast?

    Do you have pictures? Hard to tell without pics.
  5. LadyClaire

    Overs how long till they softened

    My left is fluffing well but righty is ridiculously firm
  6. LadyClaire

    November 2015 Booby Girls

    Impressed I am! good job TLK! I am 4 weeks Po and will start using silicone sheets Cica Care which set me back $80 for little sheets!! I have been udon bio oil on the scars but had no dressings since day 3 as my ps prefers to have the wounds dry and open
  7. LadyClaire

    November 2015 Booby Girls

    My dressings were removed on day 3 Po. Is that weird?
  8. LadyClaire

    Finally booked my consult for BL & BA with Dr Dona

    Sorry Kel. Only had a chance to read your post! Congrats hon. I will be following your progress etc X
  9. LadyClaire

    November 2015 Booby Girls

    i like your posts in the explant forum! You are very compassionate Katewell. Hope your boobs are better soon so you can get up to no good soon lol xx Btw did you use Cica care Katewell and do you think it's worth it? My scars are not too bad but my PS said use it as a preventative measure.
  10. LadyClaire

    November 2015 Booby Girls

    Hey girls! Sorry for having been silent. Just got home yesterday from Thailand! Sorry to hear about all your plights about recovery. I am a bit like PrincessEm-extremely lucky with my recovery. Got straight to gardening yesterday. I am almost pain free but take two panadol before bed each night just in case! Hubby saw boobs for the first time last night and let me say he LOVES them and could not keep his hands off Tinylittlekitty-sorry to hear about the throat. Hope you get better soon and good luck with the audition! Katewell- miss you too. How lucky you don't have to work until Christmas! I will be back at work on Monday. Have lots of new staff starting so it will be exhausting but I am not too anxious about going back. do you guys know where I can get Cica-care silicone strips? I didn't buy them in Thailand because they were hugely expensive-$100!! Happy recovery pretty ladies xx
  11. LadyClaire

    November 2015 Booby Girls

    poor love!! That sounds aweful. A bit more rest and feet up. I am sure you will feel better. Your boobs look great. This too shall past xx
  12. LadyClaire

    November 2015 Booby Girls

    Can we get Ciga care strips in Australia?
  13. Hi Carli-This is interesting. My Ps said to avoid putting arms above my head level for 2 weeks to prevent haematoma. I am so glad to hear you could do this safely because I sometimes accidentally put my arms up to reach for things because I just need to.
  14. LadyClaire

    November 2015 Booby Girls

    Tinylittlekitty-My doc said I could sleep on my sides if I feel comfortable and no more raised pillows as long as I keep the band on. I am much more comfortable now. Katewell?
  15. LadyClaire

    November 2015 Booby Girls

    Katewell, Tinylittlekitty - there are more in the bags but you get the idea loving BKK. Makes recovery a little more tolerable. How are the boobies today??