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  1. I managed to find a bra from Honey Birdette that fits well. No padding and it was the only bra that my boobs sat in properly.
  2. I'm just over 5 weeks post op. Am I able to swim in chlorine? I can't find anything in my surgeons notes. Thanks.
  3. My boobs are still sitting really high atm too so hopefully when they drop they'll end up a bit more bottom heavy.
  4. I just noticed that yours are 550cc. I'm so jealous!! I wanted to go that size but my PS said that I would end up with bad stretch marks and you would be able to see rippling of the implant. I ended up with 495. I think they look amazing 2 years on! It just looks like you've got naturally amazing boobs on your tiny frame.
  5. Yours look amazing!! Hopefully mine will end up looking very similar. How long did yours take to soften up? Mine are still extremely firm at 4 weeks po.
  6. RH4K I'm so happy to hear!! Haha
  7. Yes!! I'm so conflicted because I think surely they'll have to end up bigger once they soften and the skin stretches but then I also worry that they could end up smaller once the swelling dissappears. Fingers crossed for us both! How many CC did you get?
  8. Thanks so much Katewell! I would be very happy if mine went up by another 2 cup sizes. I got the largest size that I could for my small frame (495cc) and I'm already wanting them to be bigger. Fingers crossed that will change once they soften.
  9. Did people find that as their boobs softened and the swelling etc went down that they seemed smaller or did they fluff up and go bigger? I'm 4 weeks post op today and I really don't want them to shrink at all. I'm hoping that once my skin stretches properly they'll be even bigger. Help please haha
  10. I love the fractional RF treatments!
  11. Did you find that yours got bigger after D&F? I am happy with mine but I could definitely be even happier if they got a little bigger once the skin softens and stretches. I went as big as I could and already have boob greed haha
  12. This is only 2 weeks post op and so they're still very tight in this photo. Hopefully they'll d&f and get bigger haha
  13. They're not heavy at this stage but I'm not even at 2 weeks po yet. They only weigh about half a kilo so hopefully I'll be okay haha
  14. I am 163cm, 50kg and got 495cc. I was wanting to go 550 but my surgeon said because of my small frame I would end up with bad stretch marks and you would see rippling of the implant. Here is a photo 8 days post op ☺
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