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    360 cc natrelle textured. Under the muscle
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    Ali Hussain 21st september 2015
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    170cm/ 53kg/ 10a

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  1. Ree765

    warning! close up incision image!

    Thank you! Yes it is a bit sore! I don't really want to cover it as i was told not to by my surgeon but it keeps sticking to my post op bra at the open part on the end then when i remove the bra to shower ect it pulls it!
  2. Ree765

    warning! close up incision image!

    No it is not hot to touch
  3. Hey! Im 4 weeks post op and my steri strip just came off and i just seen my inscision for the first time. Does this look normal for 4 weeks or does it look slightly infected to you? Thanks!
  4. Ree765


    Hi. Is it normal to have a little bit of rippling?? Im only 3.5 weeks post op and have rippling on the outside of the right side and in the clevage area of the left side. You cannot see it only feel it. I went under the muscle if that makes any difference. Thanks!
  5. Ree765

    Booked with Dr Ali Hussain

    Hey! I had surgery with ali hussain 3 weeks ago tomorrow. So i went through Esteem. But he was really lovely and im very happy with my results so far! I had 360 natrelle round textured under the muscle. I went to the gaythorne hospital so im not sure if it will be the same as he is now on his own but the nurses and my anethetist were brilliant and very reasurring. Also i had GA.
  6. Ree765

    covering incisions

    I was told not put anything on scars for at least 6 weeks
  7. Ree765

    covering incisions

    Oh wow. I had no idea they were supposed to be kept on for so long as my surgeon said two weeks! I will continue to cover them then for another month or two. Thank you for the replys
  8. Ree765

    covering incisions

    Hi, Just wondering how long you kept the incisions covered for? My surgeon said 2 weeks i went to the GP today (2.5 weeks post op) and they covered them again with steri strip. They are healing nicely but he said the longer they are left the better the scar looks after. I just wanted them gone!
  9. Ree765

    Rice sizers

    I tried the rice sizers! I got 360cc unders. I found that the rice sizers were bigger then what i ended up with not by too much but definatly bigger!
  10. Ree765

    Is one week off work enough?

    I had under the muscle and went back to work on day 7. I work in disability so standing all day and was fine and not really in any pain at that point just a little uncomfortable!
  11. Ree765


    Okay thanks. Did you use an alcohol wipe or just stick on a new one?
  12. Ree765

    Stay overnight or go home?

    If it was me i would probably head straight home after the surgery. I only had a 20 minute drive home after my surgery and it was fine except the seat belt being uncomfortable not painful though. Then i went for a drive with my mum the following day and every little bump and turn of the car hurt!
  13. Ree765


    Hey girls, Did anyones waterproof dressings come off before you were due to return for an appointment. I am 9 days PO my steristip tape is still intact but the dressing has come off. I don't really want to go back to the surgery unless i have to so was just going to get another dressing from chemist to put on myself?? Thanks
  14. Ree765

    inverted nipples and BA

    Hey, I have one and i had a BA a week ago today. I originally wanted the surgeon to correct it at the same time but he said he does not recommend it as its a higher risk for infection and said there was a 50/50 chance it would correct itself during the procedure anyway so i decided to go with that. Well it did not correct it self! Haha. But it is coming out more each day from the pressure so we will see.. I think you have to wait about 12 weeks after a BA to have it done seperatly
  15. Ree765

    carefix post op bra

    Thank you! I ordered them yesterday and they were suppose to be delivered today but the courier has delivered them to the wrong address by accident and would not tell me what street number so i could go ask them for it so now i have no idea when i will get them! 😕