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    Two thoughts: If you really want Dr M, go to Sydney. I knew that if I didn't get perfect results with someone else, I would have been furious with myself for not spending that extra $800 to go to him. If you really want rounds, don't go to MM. He much, MUCH prefers working with anatomicals. Good luck, I'm sure your result will be beautiful. 😊
  2. I don't think I spoke poorly of Hanikeri - I said his manner wasn't to my tastes. I felt as if he was rushed with me and glossed over a lot of answers (I work in health so had quite direct microbiology-related enquiries). I'm sure there are plenty of other people who have great experiences with him. Miroshnik was just the right guy for me. 😊
  3. I'm in Perth as well - went to consults with Hanikeri, Connell, Lee, and van Beem. I was closest to booking with Lee, as I felt he was the one who listened to what I wanted, and was the most reassuring about that dreaded cleavage gap (I started with a chest structure that promotes a gap). I think I would have been happy with him or Connell - Hanikeri didn't have a "bedside manner" to my tastes, and van Beem didn't want me to go bigger than 250 no matter what (I went 330). But...I had a phone consult with Miroshnik and was sold. I just had a gut feeling that he was the one for me - and I've been around long enough to know by now that if I were to ignore that in order to save $1000, I would have been furious with myself if my results were less than perfection. Honestly, I feel like there are a couple of Perth surgeons who do great work. You'll probably be happy with them. I just know I couldn't ignore my gut, and I'm over the moon with my results. I hope no matter who you go with, it's someone you trust 100% and have an equally wonderful outcome.
  4. 💯💯💯 There are ALWAYS risks of complications and side effects from invasive surgery. They can not be negated to zero, despite environment, surgical skill, staff experience, excellent support, etc. Doctors, whether plastic or cosmetic, are not flawless demigods. ***** happens and that's a risk YOU accept when you sign on with any of them. The idea that this court case of Miroshnik's is unheard of is laughable. Google returns it in a fraction of a second when you start researching the man. I knew about it when I booked my surgery with him, and still know I made an excellent choice.
  5. expat

    June 2016 girls!

    Thank you, I'm really happy with how they've turned out. I get boob greed from time to time, maybe once a fortnight, much to my partner's amusement. He's always like - REALLY?! 😂 Dr M was pretty firm that this was the largest he could go because my chest is so bony - he already had to double up my upper chest muscles to prevent the Posh Spice implant outline (that made healing a little more painful, I think). It amazes me how easily you can fall down that slippery slope of "more, more, more!" though. I got exactly what I wanted pre-op and am so very thankful to Dr M. He's made me one very happy girl! 😍
  6. expat

    June 2016 girls!

    @MermaidUnicorn It's been weeeeeeks and I've only just logged in now! I don't get notifications to my email or anything, so I'm sorry for being rude and ignoring your question. I started at 44.6kg on the day, 157cm, 10.8-11BWD, verrrrry small B cup. I had 330cc textured anatomicals, mod height, mod plus profile, dual plane. I first tried to measure my new size about a month ago, and haven't since. At that time, I was measuring a 28E/F. Here are a couple more photos of progress since I last posted.
  7. expat

    June 2016 girls!

    POD23, probably pretty far overdue for an update. 😂 My recovery wasn't nearly as smooth and quick as I somehow expected it to be. I felt human again around POD8-10 (my criteria for that was putting on pants unassisted, haha). Over the last week, my recovery has picked up considerably and I feel almost completely normal again. My nipples are still a bit puffy and sensitive/throbby, and about an inch of each underboob still has dulled sensation. Other than that, I'm all good. Went clubbing til 5am yesterday in a bralette - pain free on the night and today. I'm back at work on Monday. D&F is coming along. As expected, my dominant side is moving slower but I am happy with everything so far. A bit more time and I'll have exactly what I was hoping for (which is amazing, when you think about it). I'm glad everyone else seems happy and healing well. A lot of you I Iove seeing on IG! I know I scoured photos on here of before and after shots to see what I could expect, so here's a few of mine for the other girls who haven't taken the leap yet. Split photo is before POD19, quad is POD1, POD9, POD14, POD21, and single photo is today, POD23. 😊
  8. expat

    June 2016 girls!

    He basically said that he doesn't want any unnecessary distractions and despite the fact that it is a routine, day surgery process, things can go potentially wrong. He aims for efficiency, for patients to be under as shortly as possible, and everyone to have a medical-based job to be doing at any given time, leaving no free hands for social media.
  9. expat

    June 2016 girls!

    Wow, can't believe I haven't had the chance to catch up until now! I'll give a wayyy too long recount of my last week. I had my Dr M surgery with ms bolton on the 16th, think I was 2 surgeries after her (pretty sure she was right next door, still sleeping, as I went in, haha). I arrived in Sydney on the 14th and did fun tourist stuff for the first couple of days. I'd never been there before, so loved it all. The day of surgery was quite exciting. My mate that I brought with me was so enthusiastic, I didn't even get a hint of nerves. I was 100% excited, even though my heart was racing. My partner didn't get time off work so couldn't be with me in Sydney - he was DESPERATE for Miroshnik to snapchat the surgery like Tavakoli does, but that's a no go for Dr M. I really like how he explained his reasoning behind no social media in theatre without actually speaking negatively about Tavakoli for doing it. Top notch guy, but I think that's pretty well known already. He did suggest a selfie to make up for it, which was sweet. Very odd having all my photos in glasses for these things though - I'm a 95% contact wearer so I almost don't recognise myself in all my post op photos, haha. Walked to theatre and it was EFFICIENT. Laid down, cannula in, consciousness out. Fastest I've ever gone under. Kinda faintly remember being wheeled to my ward room from recovery - just remember being so TIRED. I took a long time to wake up, the nurses commented on it but didn't seem overly concerned. I went under around midday and didn't wake up until 6. Lots of faint wake ups before that, for the bra, blood pressure, and to speak to my partner on the phone (he later told me that no, he didn't call, I must have been dreaming under anaesthetic, the little ***** ). No nausea, BULK TIGHTNESS. Not an elephant on my chest, but a boa constrictor wrapped around my entire rib cage. Hard to breathe shallowly, let alone deeply. When I woke up properly, my mate gave me a slew of pressies from her and the girls back home - almost all related to being a new mother and lovely bralettes. So sweet. A lot of the next week is a blur, but I'll say this - I was not a fast recoverer. I found last week incredibly frustrating because I'm usually the person who just gets on with things and I COULDN'T. I hurt, I couldn't breathe, I was exhausted, I was not even remotely close to being able to get out and about around Sydney like I thought I was going to. It was POD5 before I left the hotel and I almost fainted after a 200 meter walk. Turns out my classically low blood pressure had progressed to incredibly low, and my resting heart rate was about 95 (usually about 63). I just had to stay in bed, and I'm so glad I stayed a day longer than Dr M requires because I don't know if I could have flown earlier. I flew on POD6 and that was hard enough. Today is POD8 and I FINALLY feel awake and happy again. My boobs are a bit sore still, especially the nipples as they start to regain sensation. And my incisions are just starting to itch. But I don't feel like I'm going to fall over every time I stand up, so that's solid progress. Am happy with the size of boobs, but really, really want them to come together more. The waiting game for that to happen is so long! I'm trying to be good about PO photos on my insta if anyone wants to see them (have missed a couple of days just from being tired). I'm on as drmiroshnik_june_girl, and find it so much easier to keep up with everyone there than on forums (I must be quite visually oriented, it's how I keep everyone straight). I hope everyone is either getting excited or healing well. I'm so glad I feel well enough again to be able to check up on everyone here. xx
  10. expat

    June 2016 girls!

    I've just set up a new BA Insta account if anyone wants to add me. I'm quite keen to see how everyone is progressing and IG seems like a perfect image based platform for it. I'm there under drmiroshnik_june_girl POD1 is going fairly well for me. Some pain, but manageable with meds. The swelling is impressive though, so spongy all over! 😂
  11. expat

    June 2016 girls!

    I was told by the hospital staff that toe nail polish was fine to leave on at Bondi junction. Just uncovered fingers to see any colour changes.
  12. expat

    June 2016 girls!

    Today was AMAZING. Dr M is incredible, the hospital staff are so attentive and kind, I had the best sleep ever. I feel tight but the meds are working very well so far. I went in completely confident, my consult with Dr M was a dream the day before, exceeded all my expectations. I would let the man do a head transplant, I have that much confidence in his abilities. 😂 No nerves, just pure excitement. ms bolton and I have bumped into each other on THREE different social media platforms and it's been amazing. I love having a complete boob twin, especially one as kind and beautiful as her. Early photos - high and hard, but after looking at a million D&F photos, I'm pretty sure how they'll settle. And I'm excited to watch it happen. 😍 I went 330cc, the largest that would fit my 10.8-11 BWD. I'm 157, 45kg. He also dropped one of my creases to even everything up perfectly, so I'm interested to see how that looks later on.
  13. expat

    June 2016 girls!

    Where do you guys reckon would be the best place to get a wedge/boyfriend pillow for post op sleeping?
  14. expat

    June 2016 girls!

    I'm starting to get nervous now. I moved into a share house 3 months ago and my female housemate is a nightmare. She, for the third time, had a party last weekend that raged until 7am, cops called, property manager called - needless to say, I've decided to move before she gets all of us evicted. I've spent the last week skipping lunches to go to rental viewings, staying back late at work to make up extra time, and packing all my stuff, and another housemate who is moving with me but in Europe until June 18, his stuff too. I've shifted everything into storage and literally have no home right now! 😣 I own my own apartment but it's leased until next year, so I'm staying with my partner until I find a new place. It's quite overwhelming and not what I was expecting my lead up to surgery to be like. 😕
  15. The asymmetry remains, but it is significantly less noticeable because of overall size increase. Imagine you have two teacups, one full and one half full. The difference is obvious. Take those cups and put them into 2 litre bottles that already have 1750mL in each of them. The 30mL difference is still there, but not as apparent.
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