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  1. Girl, I'm 5 mnths post op and I hear ya!! I knew Girl, I'm 5 mnths post op and I hear ya!! I knew frm day 1 that they wernt big enough.I was miserable the entire recovery coz I wasn't happy with results. its my goal to get them done again this year but its gonna be really hard because my friends and family wont understand and my bf doesn't want to hear about it.what can ya do?
  2. OK so I know I'm in the wrong category but haven't ventured out considering everyone's advice has been so helpful during my BA. I wanted to know if anyone's tried a professional cellulite treatment. I have had a look online and there pretty expensive so would like to hear from other girls who have actually tried it before I bother going dwn that road. all feedback appreciated
  3. Hey Shellze im looking at getting 600cc in the future as i have just had my 1st BA lol but im worried about having back and neck probs (apparently thats the size Heidi montague got and she had to have a reduction for those issues) Sorry i know it's off topic
  4. Im only prep intermediate i started 6 mnths before my op. I reaaaally want a pole for at home but my bf wont let me get one coz it will ***** the ceiling..i was looking st those x stages but theyre a grand..what do you have? Sorry way of topic but needed a whinge haha
  5. Heya i just went back to pole on monday 4mnths PO. I was suprised they felt fine!! Holy ***** though..i was struggling a little bit with inverts (but not in the way i did wen i was 1st learning them if ya know what i mean) my arms have been sore since monday only started feeling better today their that sore. I was suprised because all in all it wasn't that bad. I feel like when i go bk next week ill have my ***** together and my body has already built a bit of that strength up again that i lost.
  6. Hey there. I felt guilty about taking time off wrk so only got 10 days off.during my recovery i knew i had to grow some balls and get 4 more days off. Im a beauty therapist so i have a physical job too. It was 10 days before i could drive and between 10-14 days before i could lift my arms up...when i went back to work i couldn't stretch over people with my arms untill 6 weeks. my advice is that you really need a good 2 weeks off. Your going to feel particularly tired the first few weeks bk at work.Dont compromise your recovery is the most important thing!
  7. hmmm I thnk its just at the gym
  8. serious. the sensation goes away?? yaaasss!! how long after BA did u train your pecks again and did you get the same sensation like if you pushed any harder theyd pop out off your chest? cringe. I just cant help but think about the internal stitching etc
  9. Sooo im over 3 mnths post And have been avoiding anything that uses peck muscles at the gym because anytime i put weight on them it makes this weird contracting sensation. Just wondering what your meant to do...do you avoid putting weight on your pecks forever or do you try n build the strength back in them. Ive sighned up for a term at pole dancing starting nxt week so bit nervous getting back into it coz it definitely uses those muscles.. Can anyone tell me what their experience is with this?
  10. I haven't had kids but everyone told me to wait till after. I got them done because i just thought priorities/finances etc will change once you have kids and mite not beable to get them done.
  11. It makes me so cranky you pay all this $$$ and so many of these surgerys dont offer any support etc when things go wrong!! I cant believe you paid insurance and you still haven't got anything back.wtf!! I reaaally hope you can sort something out and get a good outcome. Xx
  12. I think i have killed titts for my partner coz im the same. When i had my surgery i was at hme bored to tears with nothing else to talk bout but my boobs!! When he walked through the door i would rush over so excited because he had come to save me from my boredom but i could see him dying on the inside like oh ***** not her again,find something new to talk about love.lol
  13. Hey Sophie I would recommend trying a few classes before your BA coz you wont be able to do it for like 3mnths post op. You'll be fine its a lot of core,arm and pec strength but trust me you build it. Everyone catches onto it differently. Its alot of practice and perseverance to learn the tricks etc but you do get there and its so worth it.?
  14. Put it this way, im 4 mnths PO and in no need of any real advive anymore yet check this page more than what i check Facebook! ?
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