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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Howard Webster - 16 Nov 2017
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    158cm / 51kg / 10A
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  1. Should I or shouldn't i

    I asked my surgeon about this (when I was 2 weeks post op) and he agreed it is fine for a few hours
  2. Hi ladies, I'm currently 3 weeks post op, and I'm wondering if anyone else out there has had a breast augmentation with a pigeon chest (slight curve rather than a straight chest)? I would love to hear your thoughts on your results. And if possible, see some pics please Ash
  3. How long did you wait??

    Hey @LaurenT, can you wear wire bras now? Or is it still painful and don't fit nicely? X
  4. Hi ladies, I am 2 weeks post op, and i am HANGING for my new boobies to settle so I can wear a proper bra. Obviously at this early stage, I feel as if I'll never wear one again, and my life is now post op bras - haha... because they are still high, and tight and could poke someone's eye out 😬😂 In all seriousness though, I know we have to wear them for 6 weeks, but I'm wondering if anyone wore their post op bra longer, or, come the 6 week mark, your boobs felt fine, soft and ready to go into an underwire bra. Thanks ladies x
  5. @Wanting boobs @Sunchick Morning ladies. Feeling ok today. Hubby has taken the kids out for the day, so I'm in my dressing gown, resting. The stretching feels like it's loosening up, so that is good, but I'm still just taking panadol every 6 hours. I think my back is more painful, because I can't exactly move around in my sleep. But, if that's the worst, then I'm happy. About to have a nice hot shower, and then awkwardly try and dry myself 😂😂 I might just lay on the ground and let the air dry me 😂😂😂 i took photos yesterday morning, but they don't really look much different to pre op ... but I know I have to be patient and let them soften up. The hardest thing I am finding is my kiddies. But, I knew that going in, and just have to remember that it'll only be for another week or so (hopefully) before I can cuddle and hold my littlest one. X
  6. How do you feel about them now? Content with your size? I think I will love them once they have settled.. but I'm kind of like "ummm what's changed?" Haha. I guess though, the skin and the muscle is so tight, that they have to also stretch too. A swollen uni boob 😂😂😂😂😂 i came home to a picture drawn by my 2.5yo.. of my boobs 😳😂😂😂
  7. Okie dokie, I am 12 hours post op.. and feeling pretty good. Just had panadol and nurofen, as anything to strong makes me vomit 🤢 i have to be honest though... I'm a little underwhelmed! I think I went too small!!!! BUT, in saying that.. I am very petite, 49kg, and 158cm... so I think once they settle, I'll be happy with them. A friend of mine sent me her 2 days post op photo, and like mine, they didn't look overly different. 6 months on, the muscle and skin have stretched over the implant nicely.. so that made me feel a bit better. Been up for a walk to the loo 3 times since my op, and felt good. Touch wood I continue to feel ok. Thank you for all of your comments what a lovely, supporting community. Did anyone feel underwhelmed when you first saw yours?? I guess that would really only apply for smaller sizes? I got 275cc.. but as I mentioned.. very petite- my goal was a full B cup.. I barely filled a AA! Ash x Oh no!!!!!! That sucks! And yes, when people say it was painless, it's like "Why wasn't mine?!!!" - haha. im not even 24hours post op yet, so the anesthetic is still kicking around in there in assuming 😂 Yeah, mine are under the muscle, but, in saying that, I only got 275cc, so there want much skin stretching needed 😝😂 having two kids stretched them a tad. But even after that, I was still a AA. I felt nauseous in recovery, but have only been taking panadol and nurofen as I am allergic to codeine, so I'm nervous to try anything stronger haha. Great to hear you're feeling well x
  8. Thank you everyone! I am currently on my way up to the hospital now... and I am SO NERVOUS. ill let you know how I go. xxx
  9. Hi all, i am going in for my BA tomorrow morning! Eeekkk! The nerves are in full swing now! i am not so nervous about the actual procedure, but my recovery. I have a 2.5yo and and 10month old, so I will be having a lot of help from my husband, mum and mother in law... but I am just wanting to know how long for you to feel ok? Was your experience better or worse than you thought? Much appreciated Ash a
  10. Thank you @pink butterfly. I'll jump on and check the photos out.
  11. Thoughts?

    I had 3 consultations with different surgeons before I decided on Howard Webster. I was very worried about the 'fake' look that I thought round implants had. It wasn't until he showed me 10 photos of anatomical and round and I couldn't tell them apart. He then went into great detail about ALCL, and for me (my mum had breast cancer) it was a no brainer. I'd rather run the slight risk of capsular contracture, than ALCL. He is on the research board for ALCL, and stated that it is only linked to textured implants. Not smooth! That was a game changer for me. My biggest concern in the look department, was I wanted a natural look as I'm very petite. Once I saw eveidence of round implants done properly, I was sold. I should try and find the forum where the Surgeons weighed in on the ALCL debate and what they do in their practice. A lot of high profile breast surgeons have now chosen to do round implants only. I was very set on anatomical, but when I researched ALCL as well as seeing the round implants he had done (which look super natural and not the 'fake' look, I completed changed my mind. good luck! It gets pretty confusing. Haha
  12. Hi all, im not sure if you can attach photos, but I am set to have my BA in three weeks. I just had my final consultation before surgery date, and I had decided on 275cc. I am about 158cm, 50kg, and can't even fill an A cup currently. Would love to have some photos to gauge this size on a similar frame. Thanks in advance, Ash
  13. Thank you so much for replying Yep, that's me.. deflated after feeding 2 little ones too. Sadly, even during pregnancy I didn't get any bigger than a B. Haha. Todays surgeon ended up suggesting going up to 300cc, given my sternum not being completely flat. I'll have to look your guy up. Thanks again x
  14. Hi ladies, Today I had a consultation with a breast surgeon (he was my third surgeon before I made my final decision out of my three I chose to consult with). I am petite build (158cm, 50kg and VERY minimal breast tissue). I had been told (or maybe I influenced their decisions by my discussion) by the two previous surgeons to go anatomical, under the muscle, 275cc (I want to be a Full B)... however this surgeon went the complete opposite... round, and above the muscle. His reason being, my sternum sits out slightly, so he would need more projection etc (he went into detail... but I don't need to go into and bore you all), and as my boobs are "perky" (there just isn't much of them haha).. a round would fit perfectly. Anyway.. he showed me a photo of a augmentation he did that was round and above the muscle, and i wouldn't have know it was either anatomical or round. It looked amazing! So I was glad he showed me, as I now have something to think about. I am wondering if anyone was in the same situation, wanting anatomical... but getting round.. and if you like your round profile? If anyone can show me photos, that would be much appreciated. i was worried that I'd get that "fake boob" look if I went round.. but his photo proved that wrong. Thank you, Ashlee
  15. Evening all, I'm doing some research for Breast Surgeons around Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. I'm quite flat chested (a VERY small A after having 2 kids) and just want to go to about a full B. I'm only petite.. about 156cm tall and 49kg, so I basically just want enough to fill out a bra I met with Mark Ashton last week, and although i was really happy with him... I feel as if I should just meet with one or two other surgeons, just to make sure I'm certain when i make my final decision. Mark suggested 255 to 295 CC. I'm leaning toward 255. 1) is anyone here of similar measurements? And if so, what CC did you go (pics would be great!!) 2) Melbourne BA surgeon recommendations please. Many thanks in advance. Any advice or info is appreciated. X