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    Dr Tavakoli (sometime in november)
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  1. I had my consultation with Dr Tavakoli and all booked in for the 2nd of November. I can't believe it's actually happening! 6 long years of wishing and it's finally coming true. He recommended either 390cc anatomical textured dual plane high profile implants or 440cc. I'm hoping he chooses the bigger ones although he has ordered 3 different sizers and will choose which looks best in surgery!
  2. Just wondering how long you waited before getting a tattoo after surgery? Or how long you are meant to wait?
  3. Hi Girls! I'm having my consultation with Dr Tavakoli on the 23rd of September, and if all goes well i'll be having my surgery at the start of November I'm so excited and nervous, especially because after seeing some of his snapchats I'm not sure if he uses textured implants or not and that's something I really want. Not smooth. November is really the only time I can get my surgery and I originally wanted to have a consultation with Dr Miroshnik as well but he has a 6 - 8 week waiting period for a consultation and then another 4 week wait for surgery. I'm really wanting round implants as well, but I will wait to see what advice my surgeon gives
  4. After 6 years of wanting a breast augmentation and doing heaps of research I finally thought 'screw this i'm just going to do it'. So i booked my consultation today for the 23rd September with Dr Tavakoli. I'm hoping to get my surgery in November. Are there any other girls who will be having surgery with Dr T then?
  5. This is exactly how i want my boobs to look! I really want rounds so its exciting to see how natural they can look!
  6. OMG your boobs look amazing! Definite boob goals. Who was your surgeon?
  7. I've noticed that a lot of girls tend to get Teardrop implants. In order to get a more "natural" look is that what are preferred? I've also heard that they can flip around and lose shape? Im basically after natural looking breasts but I want my cleavage to be closer together. It's not heaps far apart but I'm just worried they will just look like they have been stuck on if that makes sense haha. Can you still achieve a natural looking breast with round implants?
  8. With the surgeons I'm looking at they will not need to do anything with my nipples so hopefully I can keep it in. I dont want to have to get it redone later haha
  9. I found Dr Phoon in Sydney his price is $8800. And I'm pretty sure Dr Choy is around $9000. They both have profiles on here!
  10. Does anyone know if you can keep in a nipple piercing after getting an augmentation? I currently have one nipple pierced and have a plastic bar through it. I have had no consults or anything so far so I was just seeing if anyone else has had theirs pierced and kept it? Thanks
  11. I've been researching various Plastic Surgeons around the Sydney area and I have just recently stumbled across Dr Phoon. His work looks really nice and I have noticed his price is only $8800, which is awesome for a plastic surgeon. I have been wanting a breast augmentation for around 4 years now, but only recently have I really started to do my research and seriously think about it. I have always admired Dr Michael Miroshniks work, but I don't know if I could ever bring myself to spend $12000 on the surgery. Also does anyone know how much a consultation would be with Dr Phoon? Thanks!
  12. Following as I am interested in Dr Lim as well
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