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    Breast implants 420cc HP under the muscle round textured 12th November 2015
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    Dr Broadhurst 12/11/15
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  1. I really love my boobs I always have I had a great surgeon and there great. But I'm realising that I'm almost 9 months post op and my boobs really havnt dropped how I thought the would. I feel like they stick out a lot and there far apart. Does anyone know how long it can take? I assume it should be done by now so I'm a little worried. I went high profile maybe I should have went low or medium? Argh
  2. Hey so I'm 5 months post op and whenever I go running or exercising and my breasts bounce I find they get really tingly like pins and needles all over. I'm assuming this is from all the nerve endings being damaged after surgery but I just want to see if this is normal or if anyone else has experienced this? Thanks xx
  3. Thanks guys! I'm 11 weeks post op. Had under the muscle HP round 420cc I was a b cup before Definitely lucky with my boobs though I went through dr Broadhurst he's amazing ????
  4. Hey guys so I've noticed a crease in my right breast when I push on it. The other one doesn't have it. I don't know what this is should I be concerned?? You can see anything unless I push down slightly in it. But is this double bubble? I'm freaking out hopefully it's just nothing? Photo below of me slightly pushing on it and another photo from today at the beach. They look totally perfect I'm just worried about this crease?? ?????
  5. I went 420cc round implants. He's amazing really really good I have only ever herd positive things!
  6. Progress pics! Current 8 weeks p.o
  7. They drop so much I'm 8 weeks and always changing
  8. im a TBI girl with Dr B. I left my taps on for 2 weeks and then changed them. I left the tap on my scars until 3 weeks PO and then he said to leave it be and not to have any tape on the scars. I wore my bra through the day but not of a night I wasn't strict with it. I wore it most days until 6 weeks post op. I think its good to give your body a break from the bras and to go braless if your just sitting around home. I just started using strataderm 8 weeks post op
  9. Hey guys! So I'm noticing a lot of girls are beginning to look into the breast institute. I had my BA with them on the 12th November and I LOVE my new boobs. I have been really lucky so far and I had an amazing surgeon Dr Broadhurst who did the most amazing job. All I can say is less is more in regards to after care, I left my bandages on for 3 weeks and then I've let them be since, no creams or gels I just let my body do its thing and I think that works! Anyone looking into TBI or Dr Broadhurst feel free to msg me he's amazing! I'm still only 8 week PO so they have a lot of D&F to do but photos are below xx
  10. SEE SOMEONE it looks infected and doesn't look normal at all. Go to your gp they can give you antibiotics or call your surgeon and demand an appointment today
  11. hey! I just got 420cc HP 5 weeks ago. I'm 174cm and 67kgs. I started a B/C cup and now I would say I'm a DD. there honestly not big. I thought they would be huge! I was originally down for 370 and then went up to 420 and I was soo worried but there actually if anything small. no one can even tell I have had them done! I did want a natural DD though so I guess that's what I got but I easily could have gone bigger lol
  12. When did you start using strataderm gel? How many weeks post op were you and did it work? I've just bought it but I'm only 4 weeks post op I just want to see what peoples feed back is with it? Thanks xx
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