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    Breast Augmentation.
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    Crain Rubinstein 01/08/2012
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    167cm, 61kg, Small 10A, Want to be a Full 10D-DD

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  1. hmk1992

    Becca's BA

    Thanks Becca, By the sound of things i think you will be super happy x
  2. glad to hear everything went smoothly especially after that little scare!! look forward to seeing some pic im sure DR P would have done an amazing job, i have only heard good reviews about him! x
  3. hmk1992

    Becca's BA

    Good to hear you are happy with the size.. i think i was like you, i never really had boobie greed, i may every now and then think should i have gone bigger but i am a DD now from being an A so i am over the moon and so happy with how they are looking now 4 months out xx
  4. The boobies are amaizng!! very happy with them they are pretty much nearlly feeling like real boobs (just look better hehe) the recovery for me as amazing! hardly any pain.. Have you decided on a size yet? xx (ps sorry about the late reply)
  5. Hi Kara, So i went with Craig and straight up he recommend me for the 345 round textured high profile implants. I think it really comes down to which one you thought you wanted in the first place, smooth or textured as the sizing isn't very different and i don't think i would be noticeable whether you went 375 or 365 as there in only 10ml different. Did you ask Craig which one he thinks? I know when i met with him he said he preferred the out come of textured but would be happy to do smooth if it was what i really wanted? It's such a hard decision but i honestly think if you ask either Kat or Craig which one they would recommend for you and then go with their opinion, you wont be dissapointed. HMK x
  6. Hi MollyBB I had my BA done with Craig, He did such an amazing job i am so happy with my result. Craig is really into getting the most natural result as possible so if thats what you are after i would highly recommend his, ill send you a FR and you can have a look at my results. I had 345cc, round, textured, under the muscle Good luck with you decision. x
  7. Hi girls, I had my BA with Craig about 3 and a half months ago and he did the most amazing job! i am so happy with my result he has given me everything i wanted and more. His staff are amazing and they are always there for you any time if you have any questions for them. I had my first frazel with them about a month ago and my scars are looking amazing if i may say so myself. Feel free to add me as a friend as i uploaded photos of my 3 months+ and also of both of my scars. I'm sure you wont be disappointed one bit if you went with Craig, he is really there to help you make the right decision listening to what you want but also making sure you dont do something you regret, he is more about the natural look (which is what i wanted) but he will pretty much do anything you want (as long as its not ridiculously huge).
  8. Congrats Mullum, you must be over the moon that it all went smoothly
  9. Barely_There I am the exact same, as soon as i get home my bra comes off, i have never fely confident enough to walk around with not bra on and now i love it!! its so much more comfy and my boobs look amazing with no bra for the first time ever so im making the most of it... (worst part about no bra is the cold nights eeekkk hello headlights!)
  10. Craig is amazing Floss, i have no doubt that if you went with him you wouldn't be dissapointed! i am over the moon with my results!! He is very gentle and make sure he can give you the result you want with out going over the top x
  11. so sorry to hear about your niece.. i hope you and your family are ok. i totally agree with sam03 thank you for sharing your story even when you have had this horrible event happen.. On a brighter note congrats on the new boobs and i hope your heal nice and fast!! big hugs and kisses to you and your family xxx
  12. haha yess i certainly know that feeling, i dont think i got nervous until i walked into the waiting room and got my robe and all that on, then it really started to feel real especially when he started to do the marking on my body next thing i knew i was awake with boobs, that has to be the best feeling ever i think
  13. blo1982 thanks for posting this as i was thinking about it the other day, 1st of November is my 3 month also so i will certainly be giving it a go, so much more comfy with nothing on i think hehe!!
  14. try not to look too much at other photos as it will stress you out especially if they are not jobs craig has done because as you said he does like the more natural look so i would try and focus more on his before and after photos to show a result you roughly want. if you are want c-d 345 will be fine hun. I put total trust in Craig and the right size for me and i could not be happier with my outcome .
  15. I had mine done with Craig on the 1st of August, i had 345cc, HP, textured, under the muscle and they cost me roughly around 13,800. Im not sure if he does over the muscle but im sure if its what you really wanted he would do it. Loren- Im sure 345 will take you to a c-d i am measuring 10DD-E but i dont feel that they are that big, to me they feel like a C-D. Good luck with it all x
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